Things to Do during Waiting at Gimpo Airport

You have to use Gimpo Airport for your travel and yet you are stuck in between layovers. It doesn’t really bother you to wait but you are actually wondering what you can do to pass the time. What are the exciting things to do at the airport that can make waiting less boring? There are some alternatives but you may have to step out of the airport.

The Condition at Gimpo Airport

Condition Gimpo

This airport isn’t exactly the best place to spend the time or to hang out when you have a layover. However, you can always go out and find some entertainment outside it. It’s a good thing that the airport is pretty close to some of the most fun and appealing places. Keep in mind, though, that if you only have less than 3 hours to wait, it’s better to stick around and not going outside. It’s likely that you may miss your flights if you do.

If you don’t really feel like travelling around and you just want to relax and take a shower, you can always go to Gimpo Airport hotels. They are pretty close and also quite convenient. Whether you just want to spend several hours or spending a day there, it is up to you. Just go to the Information Desk and they can point you in the right direction.

If you decide to stick around and just explore the airport, there are currency exchange and ATMs service, a shopping area, a food court, and a CGV theatre. You should have enough time to exchange your money or do some shopping at the duty-free outlets. The airport also has money exchange machines so you can operate them by yourself. If you have to wait for 2 to 3 hours, it should be enough to explore the airport and not feel bored at all.

Both the Domestic and International Terminals have similar facilities, including kids playroom, banks, child care facilities, and others. If you want more comfort, you can always go to the VIP Top Class Lounge. There are two of them: One is on the first floor at the Arrival Hall and one is on the third floor at the Departure Hall. You have to pay for 77,000 won for using it in less than 2 hours. Every additional hour will cost you 22,000 won.

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Things to Do outside the Airport

things to do

If you decide to go out, be sure to stay close. You can go to Lotte Mall, which is easily accessed with the Metro. If you take the Metro from the airport heading to Seoul, on the way, you will see Lotte Mall – Exit 3. Get off here and you can wander around. The mall has supermarkets, department stores, and cinemas. There is also a Duty-Free Lotte Store at the airport, but this one is the last resort if you don’t have the chance to go to the actual mall.

You can also have a tour arranged for you. Whether you want to join a short one or the long one, there is a package for everyone. You can go to the Information Desk and ask around. They may also be able to help you with the reservation and arrangement.

If you have more than several hours to wait, why not go to Insadong? This is an art district that will pamper you with private galleries and antique shops. You can also go to Historic Tapgol Park or go to the teahouses to enjoy the relaxing experience. There are several ways to reach the area. If you use a taxi or drive, it takes you 20 minutes. If you use the bus or the subway, it takes around 40 minutes.

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Travelling is fun and you should cherish every moment. So, ready to plan your next visit to Korea? Be sure to reserve your spot. For your flight service, you want to use Airpaz where you have tons of options, including Air Busan and Air Seoul.


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