Things to Do in Dubai that You’ll Remember For Your Lifetime

Do you have a plan for your next vacation? Dubai is one of the popular destinations for those who want to have fun and enjoy the best vacation. Now, to help you understand what this place has, here, we have a list of Things to Do in Dubai.

10 Things to Do in Dubai

1. Burj Al Arab

One of the best things to do in Dubai is staying in good hotel, like Burj Al Arab

When you are on a vacation, you need a place to stay. Burj Al Arab is a perfect choice for that. It has a unique curved glass facade, which looks like the sail of a ship.

This hotel offers the best service with its 7 stars quality. Located between Jumeirah Beach and the Palm Islands, you will have a beautiful place within your reach.

However, if you can’t afford to stay in this super luxurious hotel, you can always visit it to grab a bite at its top-quality restaurants, such as Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara or Al Muntaha.

2. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall
You can see a beautiful waterfall inside the Dubai Mall.

After you put your luggage at the hotel, now it’s time to visit Dubai Mall for shopping time. Holding more than 1,300 stores, this mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the world.

Other than stores, you also can enjoy various interesting facilities, such as the large aquarium, and an ice rink, or enjoy the beautiful Dubai Fountain outside the mall.

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3. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

This mosque is special compared to other mosques in the city of Dubai. You can enter this place even if you are not a Muslim.

Here, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture and its famous white facade. You also can learn more about the history of this building.

As for Muslims, take your time to pray at this beautiful mosque. When you enter this place, make sure you wear a modest outfit, such as long sleeves and long pants.

For women, you also need to wear a scarf on your head. If you don’t have that, the staff will provide it for you at the entrance.

4. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa can be said as the heart of Dubai. As the tallest building humans ever built, it is a miss if you don’t visit this place.

This building has 160 floors. And, you can go to the 124th floor to see one of the best views of the Dubai gulf.

If you want more, pay an extra cost to visit the highest observatory area in the world on the 148th floor. Being in front of this building is such an amazing experience.

If you have a chance to enter it, that would be one of the best things you experience in your life. Make sure you book it way before and choose to visit it during sunset for unbelievable scenery.

5. Bastakiya Quarter

Bastakiya Quarter Dubai
Al Fahidi district (Bastakiya Quarter) in Al Bastakiya

After you visit one of the greatest modern buildings, next, you can try to escape from those concrete jungles and go back to the past to see how Dubai was before its development.

Bastakiya Quarter, a former fishing village, is the best choice for that. It has traditional and old buildings here and there. Moreover, you also can visit many outdoor cafes here to enjoy the local cuisine and beverages.

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6. Souks

Madinat Souks in Dubai
Madinat Souks in Dubai

Still, in the traditional vibe, you also should visit the souks or bazaars. We recommend the Gold Souk at Dubai Creek’s south bank, in Deira, and Spice Souks on the other side of the creek.

This place is the center of all jewelry, with 20 percent of the world’s gold circulating here. The Spice Souks offer various flavored spices, from cinnamon to chili.

7. Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai

You can find this place at the foot of the Burj Al Arab. It has 30 water rides with an extreme water slide of Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj. Take your entire family and group here, and you will have so much fun.

8. Ski Dubai

Skiing is a fun thing to do in Dubai

You might think of a hot place when you travel to dubai. However, you can cool down a bit at Ski Dubai. It’s an indoor winter playground where you can enjoy various winter activities, from 1,300 feet ski runs to snowball fights.

9. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

You can visit the observation deck at Al Qudra Lakes in Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve
You can visit the observation deck at Al Qudra Lakes in Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve

If you have never visited a desert, you should go to this place. This 87 square miles part of the Arabian Desert offers various activities, from sand boarding to archery. Or, if you want something relaxing, spend time in the Bedu tents while enjoying a delicious Dune dinner.

10. Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

Travel back to the past by visiting the Dubai Museum. You can see Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest building in Dubai, and all information about various items from the past and its history here.

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