Narita Airport: Top Things to Do

There are many reasons why you have to stay at Narita Airport. You may miss your next flight, so you need to reschedule your trip. Or, you are on a layover. Late and early arrivals can also be the reason why you should spend time staying in the airport. but the question is, how are you going to handle this situation? The long waiting can be so much boring, especially when you have no idea what to do.

Fortunately, Narita Airport is a modern international hub with so many facilities. The operator has done a lot to make travelers enjoy their stay. If you are still asking what to do, here are the clues:

1. Spare a moment to chat with NariCo (Narita Concierge)

Things to do in Narita Airport - Narita Airport - Spare a moment to chat with NariCo (Narita Concierge)

She will answer your questions about what to eat, shop or do. NariCo is Google’s Personal Assistant available to be downloaded to your own mobile phone. It works in English too. In case you need a translation service, you can take advantage of NariTra, an app that will translate every spoken word into the different language you need.

2. Explore the theatre culture where you can taste how it feels to be Japanese

Narita Airport - the theatre culture

You can try wearing yukata or watch ikebana exhibitions and dance performances. One of the best spots to take a look at is the Kabuki Gate. It is a gallery and shops with a kabuki theme where you can find traditional art form performances. You can even wear the customs and take a photo shoot and be a theatrical superstar in one day.

3. Make sure you also taste Japanese cuisine

Narita Airport Make sure you also taste Japanese cuisine 2

There are many restaurants, cafes, and bars you can find at the airport. Interestingly, they do not only provide international cuisine. They also mostly serve local culinary dishes, as the introduction to Japanese culture.

4. Travelling won’t be complete without shopping for souvenirs

Narita Airport - Travelling wont be complete without shopping for souvenirs

It goes the same even when you just spend a little time at Narita Airport. Though it is such a public transportation hub, it has its own customized souvenirs. You can visit the Pokemon Store in Terminal 2 to buy the fluffy pilot-Pikchaus or cabin attendant Pikachus. There are also other souvenir stores offering cool items to remind you about Japan.

5. Another option for souvenirs

Narita Airport Another option for souvenirs

Whether it is for your folks at home or clients you are going to meet, it is a sweet Japanese snack. Fortunately, you can find tax-free shops offering various kinds of traditional sweets from all across Japan like Hokkaido’s Shiroi Koibito cookies, Kyoto’s Yatsuhashi, and Tokyo Bananas.

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6. Play with the Gacha toy machine with your 100-500 yen coins

Aiport Gacha

You will get unique toys based on the number of coins you insert. It is a cool way of spending the coin exchange to keep your wallet light.

7. Watching the planes land and take-off can be a delightful treat for the eyes

Plane taking off

You can go to the observation deck of Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 to get the perfect view of the huge metallic birds. There are even telescopes provided to let passengers keep their eyes on the planes they like.

8. Decorating nails with Sushi-like theme? Why not?

Narita Airport - Decorating nails with Sushi-like theme

You can visit Nailquick to get your fingertips transformed into morsels of sushi. Just hold your back to not lick them and make yourself look weird in front of other passengers.

9. Experience modern Japanese toilets

Narita Airport Experience modern Japanese toilets

You will surely get amazed and amused by how the airport management provides cool stuff for every passenger’s privy needs.

10. Sleep in a capsule room

Narita Airport Sleep in a capsule room

If you just need a small space to rest your bones and relax, you can make a reservation at a capsule hotel located inside the airport. It is much more convenient rather than just lying on any free sofa. You can keep your stuff safe with you or book a locker room for hassle-free luggage.

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See? Japan is so well-known for its modernity in all aspects. You may not realize that time flows so fast when enjoying all the provided facilities in the airport. So, why do not you just book a flight to Japan now from Airpaz official website?


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