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Sirinat national park Phuket Thailand is a popular tourist spot with totally 90 square kilometres large, consisting of 22 square km-land and 68 square-km sea areas. It hosts four beaches, i.e. Hat Nai Thon, Hat Nai Yang, Hat Mai Khao and Hat Sai Kaew where Hat Mai Khao is known as the longest beach in Phuket town. If you love for white sanded beaches, the Sirinate national park is the right place.

Sirinat National Park Things to Do

Sirinate national park Phuket is an ideal spot to get away from the crowds and commercialism. Also known previously as Nai Yang National Park, this area plays the essential role as both conversation site and attraction of Phuket.

The idea of the Sirinate national park development itself is to preserve the natural resources which also eventually become a tourist attraction. Within its coverage area, you can explore the spare forests, evergreen forest and mangrove forests.

Watching the wildlife and marine life at close distance is also another thing you can do when visiting the Sirinate national park in Phuket. If you want to experience Sirinat national park snorkelling, you can go to hat Nai Yang beach. Other beaches are also worth to visit, offering different things to do like swimming, sunbathing, relaxation and cuisine hunting.

Sirinat National Park Entrance Fee

The Sirinate national park is just like other national parks in Thailand which will charge visitors for the entry fee. Foreign visitors have to pay 200 Baht per adult and 100 Baht per child, while locals just need to play 40 Baht per adult and 20 Baht per child. You can check the entrance fee of Sirinate national park Phuket at the information centre.

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 fishing boats in sirinat national park, phuket, thailand
fishing boats in sirinat national park, phuket, thailand

Sirinate National Park Accommodation

There are many options for accommodation you can find at Sirinate national park in Phuket. You can pick one suits to your budget among of the five-star resorts to hostels. If you prefer to stay in an open site, there is also a campground provided for visitors. Finding food in the Sirinat national park is also easy, provided by the restaurants and coffee/tea/soft drink stalls.

Sirinat National Park How to Get There

The easiest way to transport to the Sirinat national park is taking a taxi. You can simply tell the driver your destination. This transportation means is usually available from the nearest airport to Sirinat national park for 400 Baht to 500 Baht.

Alternatively, you will need to pay for 40 baht by taking songthaew when going to the Sirinat national park from Phuket Town. Thinking about how to visit the park on the budget? You can start from Airpaz where flight tickets are offered at affordable prices.

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