When you have to wait between flights at Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can explore the airport as well as going outside. When your layover lasts for more than 6 hours, know you have other options besides sleeping or spending most of your time at the airport hotel. There are actually many interesting places not far from the airport. It gives you the opportunity to spend quality time rather than being stuck inside the airport. These options are possible if your layover happens for more than 6 hours and not less – keep this thing in mind. Otherwise, you may miss your flights.

1. Khao San Road

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Khao San Road

If you like the idea of shopping for killing the time, go to this spot. Originally, it was a rice market that was turned to an attractive tourist attraction spot. You can find almost anything there during the day. At night, it will change to pubs and bars. Besides the drinks or the chance to meet up other travellers, be sure to try the noodles or classic Thai massage. Feel free to spend as many times as you want there, but don’t forget to include the travelling hour in your plan.

2. Transit Tours

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Transit Tours

Suvarnabhumi Airport has the transit tours – in fact, it has 15 of them. The duration is various, starting from 4 hours to 12 hours. If you take part in this tour, you can visit places like Siam Niramit, Erawan Museum and Crocodile Farm, Massage and Spa, Aksara Theater, Erawan Museum and Ancient City, Thai Rose Garen Village, City and Temple Tour, and so much more. The rates depend on the tour package that you choose. If you want to book this organized tour, go to the arrivals floor. It is located at C/D and D/E concourse intersections.

3. Wat Pho Temple

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Feature Image

This is one of the biggest and also oldest classic Buddhist temples in the city. It is also the place where you can find the Reclining Buddha. The speciality of the temple dated back to the ancient time where Thai massage was first created. Yes, it is believed that this temple was the place where the message was originated because it still homes to the massage training facility – one of the best ones in the world.

The Reclining Buddha may be the biggest and most popular attractions, but you can always explore the complex. You can explore the chapels. You may marvel at golden Buddha statues lines while passing them. You may take pictures of countless Buddha images collections or the murals. After all, the courtyard is 8 hectares in size so you can explore it as your heart content. Be sure to prepare at least an hour to enjoy the place – transportation excluded. If you want to, there is a guided tour that you can join.

4. The Transportation

Suvarnabhumi Airport - The Transportation

Besides the tour, you can also make use of public transportation. Thailand has a pretty good public transportation so you can make use of it. You can always use the taxi or limousine service although they are more expensive.

You can use a free airport transfer bus that connects Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airport. You should also be able to buy bus tickets for BMTA and Bor Khor Sor. If you don’t mind the crowd, you can use the public van but they will only depart when it is already full. If you want to choose the train, the airport rail link is connected to Phaya Thai Station and it stops at 6 stations along the way.

With these options, you no longer have to worry when you have to spend quite a long time waiting at Suvarnabhumi Airport. You can always reserve your spot if you plan early. Go to Airpaz if you want to manage (and then reserve) your flights.


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