Things to Do While in Chiang Mai Airport

Supposed you have to wait for a few hours at Chiang Mai Airport, what can you do to pass the time? There are some obvious options, really. You can choose to stay inside the airport and explore it around or you can go outside and visit some of the popular destinations that aren’t located far away. Basically, you can always explore the airport and the areas around it if you have an adventurous spirit. So, what can you do at the airport?

Relaxing at the Lounges

Chiang mai Airport - Relaxing at the lounges

Spending some time at the lounges and getting the exclusive treatment is one of the best options to pass the time. Thai Airways, for instance, has a VIP lounge that is offering the best services, facilities, and amenities. Even if you don’t fly first class, it doesn’t hurt to ask them whether they allow business-class passengers access the lounges. They usually don’t mind with the exchange of certain admission fee

Massage and Spa Treatments

chiang mai airport - Spa & massageTreatment

You can actually go out of the airport to enjoy spa or massage treatment. But in case you don’t feel like going out and you prefer staying inside the airport, there is also a massage and spa service on both international and domestic terminals. Isn’t it great when you can get the soothing to pamper while waiting for the flight? By the time you are on the air, you will feel relaxed and good about yourself.

Shopping Around

chiang mai airport - shopping around

Didn’t have the chance to do some shopping? Not having enough time to buy some souvenirs for the loved ones at home? There are some shops and stores at the airport. Snacking shops are available and so are duty-free stores. Finding the refreshment in the Domestic area or the duty-free stores at International booth is a breeze. It’s fun to find small shops providing fresh produce, souvenirs, handicrafts, magazines, and silk.

Dining and Drinking

Chiang Mai Airport - Dining and Drinking

No need to worry that you will be famished or thirsty while waiting because there are some food and drinking outlets available at the airport. There are some fast food outlets (like Dairy Queen, Black Canyon, and Pizza Company), a deli, and two coffee shops. Want to get some light snacks? You can also get one there.

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Accessing the Internet

You can actually access the free WiFi service. But if you want more freedom and a faster connection, there is an internet cafe at the airport. Some lounges are also offering their internet connection – but make sure to check it first before you pay for the lounge admission.

Sleeping at the Airport

What if you have to spend a night at the airport? You can sleep at the landslide – which is a public area before the security check-point. However, you need to be prepared because the lights are bright, the area can be noisy, and the section can be chilly. If you want to have an at least comfortable sleeping time, be ready with a blanket or a jacket, eye masks, and ear muffs. But if you want to have a more comfortable sleeping moment, go to the airport hotels. They are much comfortable and they are pretty affordable.

Going out the Airport

Chiang Mai Airport - Going out the Airport

If you decide to go out of the airport, no need to worry. The airport is pretty close to Chiang Mai city centre. Moreover, it is easy to access transportation. There are tons of taxi as well as the bus service. The bus departs once every 20 minutes and it costs you only 25 baht. If you choose a taxi, the average rate is around 120 to 150 baht. If you are going back to the airport, you can access the Songteaw or tuk-tuk that costs less than 100 baht.

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Sounds like a great time exploring Thailand? If you want to visit the area, be ready with everything. Go to and manage your flights. Choose services like Bangkok Airways or Thai Airways.


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