Things to Know Before Traveling to Korea

Traveling abroad like South Korea makes you should prepare all things perfectly, including learning about the local people and their culture, the weather, as well as thing that you can do as long as the holiday.

Find to know things that may not be done in the country is also important so you can make sure that you won’t get any problem during traveling. For example, never leaving chopsticks in rice, beckon someone with palm up means calling a dog, and writing a name in red means death. Find more things to know before traveling to Korea below.

Prepare All Things to be Ready for the Weather

South Korea is a cold country, especially in winter. On December, the temperature drops below the freezing degree. Meanwhile, the weather is hot and humid in peak summer; from late June – late August. It is also the monsoon season with 60% rainfalls.

Then prepare the right clothing before you travel to the country. Find plenty of information about the most recent weather condition in the country beforehand. So you can put all essential needs on the packing list and get ready to enjoy the trip.


Use the Public Transport

It will be a great experience to try the public transportation in the foreign country when you are traveling. Moreover, South Korea has the well-developed public transport system, such as subway and bus. Get a map and experience it. You will see how interesting the life of the locals while riding the public transport.

Find Information about Public Demonstrations

It is also important to check the public demonstration news listings, particularly at the area close to US Military bases. It should be avoided since possibly cause violent.

Friendly Locals on Public Transports

When you take a bus or subway and it is crowded. Don’t worry because the public transports are relatively safe for travelers. Don’t be surprised when someone that sits under you tugging your bags.

It means that he/ she offers you to rest the bag on his/ her lap. If you think that it is quite safe, you can place the bag on the lap but the strap is still on your wrist or arm. But if you don’t think it’s quite safe, then you can politely decline it.

Perfect preparation will certainly make your trip more enjoyable, including preparing the flight. Visit Airpaz to see cheap flights from kinds of the airline in great deals. It also provides Price Alert that gives notifications of cheap prices based on your budget. Happy traveling


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