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Things We Can Only Do in Ramadan Period

things we can only do in rmadan 1

Ramadan is a holy month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims should do various spiritual things. Besides fasting, which is being obligatory, Muslims also do prayers and others to develop taqwa. Taqwa is when you obey God’s rules and stay away from God’s prohibition. Ramadan is also a chance to recharge our Imaan (faith) after eleven months of busy working.

Here is the list of spiritual things that can only be done in Ramadan

1. Have Suhoor and Iftar

suhoor and iftar

Suhoor is a pre-dawn meal that has to be done during Ramadan. The time is before sunrise and it depends on the country. Iftar is the dinner for the fast break which is done at the dusk time. Both of them are obligatory during the fasting day. In Iftar, Muslims sip water and eat some dates just like the Prophet Muhammad did a thousand years ago.


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2. Have a Tarawih Prayer

tarawih prayer

Tarawih comes from the word “Tarweeha” which means ‘to rest’ literally. In practice, the rest here means the break between of  four rak’ahs. Tarawih prayers are done after Isya Prayers. It is a long prayer consists of 8 to 20 rak’ahs in the mosque or at home. The practice of 8 and 20 rak’ahs depends on the Prophet Muhammad’s habit as well as his Companions. It can be done in two rak’ahs or four rak’ahs with Salam.


3. Read the Quran

read quran

Reading the Quran is the daily habit of Muslims, but the reward is ten times when you read it in Ramadan. The rewards are meant to make Muslims use it as a habit. Many people or community target are to read Quran one day one juz. So, in a month you can finish the whole Quran. In the mosque, people also read the Quran together, so sometimes they can finish reading the whole Quran twice or three times a month. Reading Quran time is free such as after Fajr, between Ashar and Maghrib, or after Tarawih. Find the best fit for you. This activity works to keep and develop your consciousness of Allah.


4. Zakat Al-Fitri

zakat al-fitri

Zakat is an obligatory charity which should be done by Muslims. Specifically in Ramadan, you must do Zakat Al-Fitr. It is done at the end of Ramadan until the time for Eid Al-Fitr. It is meant to feed a hungry family in the form of money or staple foods. Besides Zakat Al-Fitr, you may do other charity, too, such as Sadaqah. You can share clothes, foods for suhoor and iftar, or money to the poor and needy people. Not just through the money or things, you can also give your hands to have charity. For example, help elderly people to cross the street or smile and speak nicely to everyone. The satisfaction you get from giving charity would be a fulfilling experience not only in Ramadan but also in your whole life.


5. Itikaaf


Itikaaf is an individual prayer that is being done by sitting and praying in a mosque for the whole night. Prophet Muhammad says that the people who do I’tikaaf in the ten days at the end of Ramadan will have the same rewards of two Umrah and two Haji. This is the opportunity to boost and strengthen your Imaan after Ramadan. While sitting in the mosque, people read the Quran, do dhikr or the remembrance to Allah, and do Sunnah or nawafil prayers.


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6. Laylatul Qadr Prayer


Laylatul Qadr is a night better than a thousand years and it might happen more than one time. All your worshipping which are done in these nights will be rewarded as you’re worshipping for thousand years. Of course, this is a great opportunity to get closer to Allah and build a Muslim’s spirituality.


Those are the spiritual things that can only be done in Ramadan. Although they all have special rewards, don’t forget to keep the compulsory prayers, Shalat Fardu. If the Sunnah prayers are rewarded multiple times, the compulsory prayers will be rewarded more, too.


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