Three Beautiful Labuan Beaches to Visit

There are three Labuan Beaches that can be visited to enjoy the beautiful view, they are the United Nation Beach, Pancur Hitam Beach, and Layang- Layangan Beach. Let’s know more about these places below!

United Nation Beach


United Nation Beach stretches in 9 kilometers long from the Batu Manikar Beach to the Sungai Miri Beach. All called as UN’08 Beach, the beach is well known for the panoramic view and clean area kept constantly by the local authority. For the cleanliness, the beach reached the 2ndClean Beach Award of COBSEA in 2008.

The seashores are fringed by the coconut and casuarinas trees. The beach is also famous for the beautiful sunset view. In the sunny day of Labuan, the sunset always looks magnificent in the clear sky. Begin at 6 pm, everyone amazes of the amazing beauty when the sun starts disappearing into the horizon.

Pancur Hitam Beach

Source: Foap
Source: Foap

For those who want to get a beach that has been developed well, Pancur Hitam Beach is a great choice to see. The sandy beach stores beautiful landscape to enjoy and it is the place of the biggest and luxurious private house in Labuan named the House of Millions of Peace.

Near the house, visitors can enjoy walking on the pathways with beautiful decorations and landscapes on the roads of Jalan Pancur Hitam and Jalan Batu Manikar. Those roads also provide street food stalls that offer local cuisines as well as knick-knacks.

If you need to try something different than enjoying the beach, just enjoy trekking to Pohon Batu Hill, the second highest point in Labuan. The jungle trekking will lead you to another way of beach enjoyment where the shoreline with the magnificent views are visible clearly and wide on the hilltop.

Meanwhile, visit the south side of the beach to find a place with many recreational activities and out bond offered. The Phin Batu Hill will become a dramatic backdrop and it also offers amazing sunset view on every clear day.

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Layang – Layangan Beach

Source: grandpacking
Source: grandpacking

The location of Layang – Layangan Beach is in the northeastern of Labuan. The beach with white sands and panoramic views will be always enjoyable for sunbath while hearing the sounds of the waves. On the beach area, kinds of activity are held on the weekend such as cycling, horse riding, picnic, etc. Besides, you can find many food stalls with live music performance too on the beach.

The trip is more enjoyable for the beautiful Labuan Beaches. Prepare the trip well and never forget any single need for the traveling, including the flight that can be easily prepared by booking on Airpaz. Happy traveling


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