Tiger Flash 21 July 2016 Airpaz promo.
Hello Singapore !

It’s Thursday ! And you know what? it’s Tiger Flash time ! Enjoy the best promotional fare from Tiger Air on Airpaz. Take a direct flight from Singapore to Kalibo, Cebu, Kochi, Bengaluru, and many other great travel destination starting from $40 Base Fare. What are you waiting for? take your friend and your family to travel with you. This Promotional fare is only valid for today booking.

Checkout our favorite route from Tiger Flash Promotion below :

CityFare (SGD)Book Now
Flight from Singapore , to :
Kalibo$40 + $34 taxBook
Cebu$45 + $34 taxBook
Kochi$79 + $34 taxBook
Bengaluru$85 + $34 taxBook
Tiruchirappalli$85 + $34 taxBook
Flight to Singapore, from :
Cebu$38 + $0 taxBook
Kalibo$47 + $0 taxBook
MAle$70 + $33 taxBook
Tiruchirappalli$78 + $19 taxBook
Bengaluru$84 + $43 taxBook
Kochi$94 + $6 taxBook
More Destination…

Promo Tips:

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2. Click “Best Fare Calender” to see all fare each month every day

3. Use “Price Alert” to find all price and fare you wanted

Happy Traveling !

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