Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Ramadan Period

Ramadan is always celebrated happily by Muslims around the world. There are various spiritual activities including fasting which become the routines and habits in Ramadan every year. Although it has some routines which need to be done in every Ramadan, as a Muslim you need to get the most out of Ramadan. It is possible to accomplish everything you set for a month and it becomes all Muslim’s dream. They will maximize their Ramadan for reaching the blessings from God through this month.

Try the following tips to make your Ramadan the best!

1. Set Your Ramadan Goal

set your ramadan goal

Make a priority by setting the goal. It is like making the individual resolutions or performance targets of our job. Set the goals to make many good things that will be done in Ramadan. Ask the forgiveness for your sins from Allah in this holy month.

Make the real targets that you need to be fulfilled. For example, recite the Quran for a month which you can split one day one juz. So, you can recite the Quran after the five-time prayers until you reach one juz in a day. If you can make it every day, you will finish the 30 juz in a month.

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2. Think of It as the Last Ramadan

Ramadan fasting

This is the best way to make the most out of Ramadan. Treat the month as it is the last. Just imagine that you will never meet Ramadan for the next year. Prepare your spiritual activities accordingly including pray Tarawih every day and complete reading Quran for 30 juz. If your mindset creates urgency, you will be more focusedon the priorities. You will improve the quality of the ibadah, improve the khushoo’ during the salah, recite and understand the ayah of the Quran.

Besides personal pray, you will respect the value of time and care about your family and relatives in an urgency mindset. You share and care with the poor and needy as you will not have the opportunity next year.

3. Put Aside from the Distractions


For being focus to reach the goal you set, you need to put aside the distractions. You should sacrifice something and have tradeoffs. You put aside watching televisions, gossipping with friends, and using social media and focus on your pray. Stay in remembrance of Allah during the Ramadan from suhoor time until the late night prayers. Make a schedule of your Ramadan activity personally or with the family such as reading the Quran together at home or praying Tarawih together at the local mosque. Leave the television schedule, movies and games.

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4. Share with the Needy

suhoor and iftar

Share with the needy may in the form of feeding them during the suhoor and iftar times. They may fast every day but they sometimes do not have something eat for suhoor and iftar. Cut back your lavish iftar party and share the food with the needy people. Remember, the goal of fasting is also to build our empathy.

5. Maximize the Last Ten Nights

lailatul qadar

The last ten nights of Ramadan is the precious moment because Laylatul Qadr is in between these days. Laylatul Qadr is a night that is greater than 1000 months of worship. To get the blessing, you should create a strong effect for improving your ibadah such as pray at the late nights, reading the Quran more, do i’tikaf at the mosque, and give extra sadaqah and plenty of dua. If you do ibadah constantly, you may get Laylatul Qadr’s blessing.

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Finally, keep the spirit of Ramadan until the end and even after Ramadan. Be simple and stay calm during the Eid and no show-offs. People say the success of Ramadan can be seen after Ramadan is gone. Ask Allah’s mercy to always keep you on His track until you meet Ramadan again next year.

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