Tips for Travelling to South Korea for The First Time

Lately, K pop, drama series and various boy bands and girl bands have become very popular conversations among teenagers and even adults. Those make Korea a country that is considered by various countries in the world to even be a role model in the world of fashion.

Not only that, the music genre used by Korea provides new things to the world of music. Even dancing competitions are often performed in several countries.

Well, in addition to this field, it also has an impact on the desire of Korean drama lovers to visit various shooting places. So it’s no wonder Korea has become one of the countries most visited by foreign tourists. This Ginseng country has various entertainment venues that can satisfy tourists in spending holidays.

Prepare the Things for Traveling to South Korea for the First Time

For you all who are travelling to South Korea for the first time, it might make you confused about what to do first? How to safely enjoy a vacation there? What tourist attractions are recommended to visit and many more questions?

Being able to speak English/Korean

The use of the language of the country of origin that you will visit is very much needed, but if you can’t, English can be an alternative. The majority of South Korean people, especially in big cities like Seoul, are used to foreign tourists. Some of them even speak English even though they stammer. You can use English that is simple and easy to understand when talking to local people. If you have time to learn Korean, tuck a little into the conversation. For example, thanks in Korean.

Make sure you have Passport and Visa

For any purpose abroad, Passport and Visa are the two most important and must-carry items. Both are your identities while travelling abroad. Likewise, when going on vacation in South Korea, you should take your South Korean visa. You can also take your ticket because proof of ticket can be used as a supporting document that will support your visa submission.

Tips for Travelling to South Korea  paspor

Looking for Hotels

Don’t worry about looking hotel in travelling to South Korea for the first time because there are many choices of hotels and guesthouses in South Korea, especially Seoul. The good news is that the average hotel owner can speak English so you will not have trouble communicating. Besides that, the price is also friendly in the bag. It’s good, order a hotel or guesthouse in advance because for certain times, a number of inns are always full. In addition, choose a guesthouse that is close to the station to make it easier for you to travel.

Looking for Transportation

If you are travelling with a large family or small child, perhaps a rental car can be an option. However, if you are a backpacker or travelling alone then it is better to use public transportation, such as subways or subways and buses. For the subway, you can buy an electronic card at the airport that not only functions as e-money, but also the entrance and exit ticket of the station.


T-Money and South Korea Tourist Map must be in hand

There, you can get complete information about transportation as long as it’s in Korea. But some of the native Koreans get to places by taking a walk. Going to the list of places that have been made, we will use the subway and bus. If you want to be taken by this subway, you need a card known as T-Money. It can be purchased at the nearest supermarket inside Incheon Airport. It must also be filled with a certain amount of money for the needs of travelling by train or bus. Before leaving the airport, it must be in your hands.

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Book tickets in advance

It’s no secret anymore if we book tickets far away can get a cheaper ticket price. In addition, the possibility of getting a seat is still wide open. Another tips on making cheap travel to South Korea is to find out the type and schedule of Air Busan flights.

For all of you who is looking for cheap tickets, there is an easy way to get them. Is that so easy? Yes! You only need a smartphone with an internet connection and visit the Airpaz website. You will be happy to travel to South Korea for the first time.


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