5 Tips on How to Get Visa for the International Students


Searching for a visa for the international students typically takes some time. If you plan to study in the foreign country, a student visa is one of the requirements that you should prepare before going to the country, because you are not a resident of the country.

To receive the student visa, a student usually should show that he or she has accepted in the school where he or she will get educated. It means that you should apply for the visa in the short time before the school year begins.

How to Get Visa for the International Students

If you need to make the student visa before the school year starts, follow some tips below. But it may not be applicable if you only have a few days to apply for the visa.

Prepare the Things You Need

Before you apply for the student visa, make sure you have prepared the documents below;
• Online form of DS-160
• Form I-20M-N for vocational school or Form I-20A-B for the non-vocational school.
• Birth certificate
• Passport
• ID number or social security number
• Fee receipt of SEVIS I-901
• Fee receipt of MRV
• Current diplomas and transcripts
• 2×2 inch photo
• Income documents
• Standardized test scores

Fill All of the Forms Completely

Before you submit the form, make sure you have filled the online form out. It will make you get into the system much faster. Make sure you have completed the form perfectly before submitting, including getting the signs of your parents, the school you attended currently, as well as the doctor sign for the medical record.

Submit the Application

After you have prepared all of the forms and application, then submit them to the visa application office. Then you only need to wait for the office contacts you for the interview by phone. Make sure you inform the office about the date when the school year starts so that the schedule of the interview can be made soon.

Make the Copies for the Applications

Make sure you have the copies of all of the forms and applications, including the school documents, income statements, test scores, receipts, current passport, as well as the photo, make them in one folder. When you face the interview time, you can bring all of the copies.

In the Interview

When you face the interview, inform the interviewer that you have a short time to prepare the student visa. Bring the acceptance letter copy from the school where you will get educated.

Show the interviewer so that he or she will know where the school year starts and also the class schedule. If you have completed all the required paperwork and can show the time of the school year beginning, then the visa will be issued soon.

So, that’s how you can obtain visa for the international students. You can choose Airpaz if you want to go traveling with the cheapest flight. Happy traveling people!


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