4 Tips to Respect the Rule and Cultures in Singapore

Traveling to any country in all over the world always demand you to respect the rule and cultures of the local people, including in Singapore. This small country is a home of some cultural societies that make it having great diversity, such as Indian, Chinese, Malay, etc.

Respect the Rule and Cultures in Singapore

when going to Singapore you have to Tips to Respect the Rule and Cultures

The various types of people make you should know their cultures so that you can act well to show your respect. In order to travel safely and more enjoyable, make sure you know the rules to obey and local cultures of the people to respect as long as in Singapore. Here are 4 tips on how to respect the rule and cultures of Singapore.

Keep the City Clean

Singapore is a developed city-state that is also very fine. The city is very clean and has some rules to be strictly followed by anyone there. The laws that keep the city clean prohibiting everyone to littering something, jaywalking, and smoking in the wrong areas and drop the cigarette butts, chewing gum, etc. If you break the laws, there are many patrols that will catch and give the penalty.

Family and Elders should Come First

Family and elders are very important for Singaporeans. Their family is the social center structure and they very respect the elders. The elders always get the preferential seating and introduced first. That is why you should follow the cultures of always give great respect to elders and follow the suit when you are in Singapore.

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How to Greet the People

Singapore’s diversity of cultures creates different ways of greeting when you meet different people with different culture. If the young generations have used the handshaking of western as a common way to greet others, you should know that the older people still use their traditional ways of greeting.

The Chinese people commonly shake hands too. But the Indian people only shake hands with others with the same sex, those with different sex only smile while bowing their heads. To make you take a safe move, wait until the local moves first until you can shake their hand too.

Etiquette in the Holy Prayer House

When you visit a holy place for the prayer of a certain religion in Singapore, such as a mosque or temple, then you should remove your footwear. The same way if you visit a private home of local people.

The different culture is unique and very interesting to learn. So prepare your trip and always remember to respect the rule and cultures in Singapore. To booking the flight tickets, you can visit Airpaz that provides many options for airlines and best prices. Happy traveling


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