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Tips on How to Travel Safely During a Pandemic

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The numbers of people around the world getting vaccinated against coronavirus is growing. This means that the rates of infection across countries are dropping and travel is becoming safer compared to last year. However, this won’t guarantee that the spreading disease will stop overnight. Below, you can read several helpful tips on travelling during covid to ensure that you and everyone with you remain healthy during the trip and don’t bring any undesirable souvenir home.

Guide on How to Travel Safe During the Pandemic

Travelling during covid
Travelling during Covid

Check the coronavirus rates at your destination

Coronavirus rate
Coronavirus rate according your target destination

The first factor you need to consider is the COVID-19 rate at your destination. Even if you are already vaccinated, the probability of catching the illness will rise if you’re going to a location with a high infection rate. The test positivity rate of your destination can be found on the local public health department official website.

Depending on the virus rate, some entry restrictions may apply. It may also be influenced by your vaccination status. As an example, vaccinated Americans are allowed to visit the European Union countries this summer, after the travel restrictions from the U.S. have been lifted after approximately a year.

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Evaluate your own health situation and vaccination status

Health and Vaccination status
You must check your health situation and vaccination status before travel

Another important thing to consider to travel safe is your own risk of catching the virus. Have you already been vaccinated? Are you in the category of people who have high risk of receiving the consequences of COVID-19?

This also applies for your host and the people you’re taking trip with when travelling during covid. Are they vulnerable to the disease even after being vaccinated? Is their immune system compromised? It might be risky to go with crowded transportations in these cases, so you may consider driving to your destination. Otherwise, as long as you follow the required health protocols, you should be fine.

Consider being tested during the trip

Covid Test
Before visiting a city or country, you must consider being tested during the trip

In case you or people you’re traveling with haven’t received COVID-19 vaccination yet, then it might be wise to take a test several days before leaving. While you’re planning on where to vacation during covid, take some time to get tested.

Several countries require testing if you’re planning to go travelling during covid, even for those who have been vaccinated. It is also important to take a test again when you’re getting back after the trip.

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Stay attentive if you aren’t fully vaccinated yet

Stay Attintive
You have to pay attention to health protocols, starting from small things like washing your hands, etc

It is quite easy to feel like there’s no limitation when you are currently on vacation. However, there is no such thing as magical protections to resist the coronavirus if you are yet to be fully vaccinated.

In order to be travelling safely, you need to realize the importance of following the general health protocols. These include regularly washing your hands, maintaining social distancing with people, wearing mask in public, and avoiding places with poor ventilation system.

Determine how you’re going to travel

Determine your travel
During covid, Traveling by plane is the safest transportation but health protocols must always be followed

This tip of travelling during covid is especially important if you haven’t been vaccinated. In general, driving is recommended to be the safest transportation mode because it limits the amount of people you may get in contact with.Another relatively safe travel mode is by flying. As of recent times, passengers are required by nearly all airlines to wear masks while on board. During the flight, make sure that you stay in your seat as long as possible and wear your mask almost for the whole time, if you haven’t received vaccination.

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Pick your activities smartly

Pick your activities smartlu
You have to act wise to which activities do you think are safe to do when traveling during covid

The rates of coronavirus in most countries are expected to decrease, as more and more people get a shot of vaccination. However, there are still countries that have low vaccination rates such as India. These also where the highly contagious new virus variants are expected to arise.

Aside from determining the best places to vacation during covid, you also need to act wise about your chosen activities. Some might be good to skip for now, such as going to karaoke cafes, bars, theme parks, cinemas, and other activities that may bring a high risk of coronavirus contagion.

Clean the hotel room sufficiently

clean the Hotel room
When staying at a hotel, make sure the room is always clean and hygienic to avoid viruses that stick to objects

For those who have been vaccinated, travelling during covid can go as normal as it could get. It means that you can prefer to stay in a usual hotel room instead of the limited and secluded rental homes, such as many people did during last year.

That being said, you still need to maintain safety and hygiene habits when you’re travelling during covid. Disinfect the doorknobs, television remote, light switches, and other objects that are often touched with antibacterial wipes. However, do it in moderation and no need to be obsessive.

The pandemic brings stress to the majority of us. It is normal to feel the need to go on vacations, especially if it has been so long since you’ve gone on a trip. The tips on travelling during covid in safe ways above will help you to lower the risk of catching the virus immensely. If you are ready to go on your next getaway, then is always available to assist you in booking flights and reserving hotel rooms, you can also use the Airpaz apps to make it easier for you to book tickets. so visit at least once to the webpage or Apps to see if you can get great accommodation deals for your upcoming trip.


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