Tips When Coming at Narita International Airport

Never underestimate airport processing and procedures. If you don’t find out the details of the airport in your destination, it is possible that you may run into trouble – or even worse, you may be rejected from entering the country. Here is some basic information that you can learn about Narita International Airport – including some handy tips about it.

About the Airport

Narita International Airport - About

This is the airport that serves Tokyo. It may not be close to the city but it is the closest airport with excellent service. The distance between Tokyo and Narita Airport is around 60 kilometres, which is around an hour of travel by bus or car or taxi. However, you can always use Narita Express or Skyliner that only takes around 45 minutes between the airport and Tokyo. You should book the tickets first so you can get the best bargain to save up money.

The airport has 3 different terminals with different functions. Terminal 1 is for international flights, whereas Terminal 2 is for both international and also domestic flights. Terminal 3 is for the inexpensive flight services that are mostly focusing on domestic coverage.

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Transportation From and To Narita International Airport

Narita International Airport - Transportation

Here are some options available for your transportation needs at Narita International Airport:

  • Taxis. They are offered fixed fare and metered service. The rate may be expensive but they have professional service. Moreover, finding them is fairly easy because there are stalls in each terminal. So, even when you arrive in Terminal 1 or 2, you can always access the service easily.
  • Buses. You can also find the stops at each terminal. Compared to the taxis, the buses are fairly cheaper. They also connect the airport to other areas in Japan, not only Tokyo.
  • Trains. They are only found in Terminal 1 and 2. Besides the train station, Terminal 1 also has a photo booth, a cafe, a pharmacy, and some convenience stores. If you want to buy the local SIM cards, you can get them from a vending machine.
  • Car rental. You can find the desks at Terminal 1 and 2 only.

Dining Experience

Narita International Airport - Dining Experience

Food and beverage are important when you are travelling. How can you expect a convenient and comfy trip when your stomach is growling? Whether you want to leave Japan or you have just arrived in Japan, you should be able to find a lot of dining options. After all, this airport has the biggest (airport) food court in Japan so finding the right meal shouldn’t be a problem.

Expect to find common establishments like Subway, Starbucks, or McDonald’s. But you can also find other establishments such as Menya Kookai, Sushi Yuraku, Sushiden, or Obon de Gohan. For beverages, you can find the perfect options at those restaurants. However, if you want to have something different, there are other choices. Cafe and Bar Avion, for instance, has sake, whiskey, beer, and wine. If you want tea or coffee, you can head to FaSoLa cafe.

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Transit and Hotels

Here are some other tips about managing your trip and activity in Narita airport:

  1. The shuttle buses are running free between terminals. If you want to walk, there is an access corridor in between terminals: Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Using the corridor takes around 15 minutes.
  2. You can find day rooms (along with the showers) in Terminal 1 level 3. If you want to use the shower-only service, head to level 2. It is located within the corridor heading to the parking lot
  3. Narita International Airport is very concerned with disabled passengers, so they provide wheelchair friendly spot all around the airport
  4. If you want to spend a night at the airport, Terminal 2 has a capsule hotel. The reception and check-in service are running 24 hours.

Even visiting the Narita International Airport alone sounds exciting, isn’t it? If you want to plan your next trip to Japan, don’t forget to plan ahead, especially booking the flights with Airpaz.


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