Tokyo Cheapest Shopping Center Location

Tokyo is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, so yes, living there will cost you a lot of money. However, if you are smart enough, you won’t have to hurt your wallet while travelling there. There are some places where you can buy dirt cheap stuff without compromising the quality. It’s really a great bargain; you can get good items without spending a fortune.

Cheapest Shopping Center In Tokyo

Harajuku Shoppng District

Tokyo Cheapest Shopping center Harajuku Shoppng District 1

It’s like the centre of everything: fashion, business activities, fun actions, and also inexpensive stuff. If you don’t mind secondhand items, you will find tons of them in Harajuku – from clothes and fashion accessories to household items. Being the centre of Tokyo, you can find almost everything in Harajuku – very inexpensive items to expensive designers’ brands.

Flea markets and secondhand stores are quite common here. You can start your exploration from Takeshita Street (or known as Takeshita Dori) where a small shop on the corner sells great items with also great prices. A new bag may cost you only ¥300 but only if you are daring enough to explore around. Who knows? Maybe you can find fashionable denim skirt for only ¥390. You can also visit the Sankyuu or 390 Mart. Everything inside it is sold at ¥390 so expect to find basic hats, shirts, tote bags, and also socks.

There are many places to roam around, such as Kinji on Meiji Dori where fashionable items are sold with the price as go as ¥400. If you like Lolita stuff, go to Bodyline with their unique items. A pair of boots can cost you ¥500 while the very rare ones only cost you ¥3000. If you want to get even a better bargain, you should visit these stores during rainy days. The shops will offer discounts, up to 20%, so customers will come to their stores.

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Tokyo Cheapest Shopping center - Shimokitazawa

You can feel the artistic and cool vibes in this area because everything here is exuding a sense of vintage, retro, and hippie. If you go to this area, you will see that most of the shops are selling secondhand vintage items. One of the most popular shops is Mode Off, where you can find super cheap items. Branded fashion stuff like Ferragamo can be sold less than ¥3000, and if you are lucky enough, you can find items (mint condition) for ¥500 only.

Not all of the items are secondhand. If you are patient enough to do the digging, you can find some stuff with the price tag still intact. But in general, you can be sure that the items are all in good condition with a great bargain.


Tokyo Cheapest Shopping center - Shibuya

It not to far from Harajuku, so you can stroll away if you are bored with Harajuku. Although there are also some great shops in this area, there are two most popular spots. If you are into those items, you know where to go. Go to Book Off Shibuya and head to the basement – that’s where you can find Bingo.

The second spot is Don Don Down on Wednesday. Can you find a Zara outlet? Well, Don Don is right behind it. As the name suggests, this secondhand shop will be selling very cheap fashion stuff on Wednesdays. The price can go as low as ¥100. But you need to be patient to find such a great item with such a great price.

You can find many great places if you are willing to roam around. There are places for bulk groceries, branded items, and so much more – that is, if you are willing to spend some time. Are you heading to Tokyo for your next holiday? Book early so you can get the ideal schedule and offer. Go to Airpaz for easy booking and you can have a stress-free holiday!


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