Top 10 Things To Do in Tokyo

Source: wayfaringminimalist
Source: wayfaringminimalist

Planning to visit Tokyo for the first time? Well, this city is presented in high technology showcase, while it still keeps the traditional soul of Japan at the same time. Those two things mix well to create the perfect combination as a world great city. So, have you decided what to do and where to go when being in Tokyo?

Travelling to Tokyo can be so much overwhelming for the first time, although you find no difficulty in reading the maps. Here are top 10 things you can do when visiting the capital of Japan:

1.Tsukiji Fish Market
This fish market is the largest and busiest one in the world. Jet-lagged tourists really like to go there to see the live auction of tuna starting from 5 a.m which is limited only for 120 attendants, being divided into 2 shifts. If you just want to explore the market, you can make a tour from 9 a.m.

Source: Japan stripes
Source: Japan stripes

There are three big tournaments of sumo in Tokyo within 15 days in January, May and September. If you want to see one, make sure you plan the visit at the time. Alternatively, you will watch the sumo athletes doing their training session at a beya or sum stable in the early morning.

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3.Meji Shrine
Visited by less number of tourists compared to Senso-Ji, Meji Shrine is still the most well-known Shinto Shrine in Tokyo, built as the reverence of the late 19th-century emperor.


4.Yoyogi Park
This park is a suitable next stop after the shrine. It is where talented artists gathered in club meetings and practice sessions. Watching them play looks more exciting than the set-up shows.

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5.Shinjuku Goyen National Garden
Looking for a more beautiful place than Yoyogi Park? You can go to Shinjuku Goyen National Garden where you can find some major gardens like French Formal English Landscape, Japanese Traditional and Mother and Child Forest. If you come in the late March or early April, you will be able to witness the cherry blossom season.

Source: truly tokyo
Source: truly tokyo

6. City Views
Wandering around the city has been able to give you a lot of things to do and see. You can easily mention garden, cinema, shops, cafes and restaurants, available in day and night sightseeing tours.

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7.Shibuya Crossing
It is a famous intersection closed to Shibuya Station. Take time to take a walk just like local pedestrians on this busy junction. Or, you can see this organized chaos from the Starbucks window in Tsutaya building.

Source: wayfaringminimalist
Source: wayfaringminimalist

8.Enjoy meals in Ebisu
Ebisu, within Shibuya neighbourhood, offers tasty Japanese foods and drinks like grilled meat and vegetables, as well as sashimi.

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Instead of singing in a private room only with friends, you can make your first debut in front of the crowd at Smash Hits. You can choose any English song written in a thick catalogue.

10.Daimaru’s Kimono and Yukata
Take time to visit the Daimaru department store before leaving the town where you can shop for kimono and yukata. Just ask the salesladies to show you where you can find those Japanese traditional clothes.

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