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7 Top Attractions in Jeju Island—South Korea, You Must Visit!

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Don’t you know that Jeju island is the largest island in South Korea? Jeju island often become Korea drama filming because this place has many beautiful attractions, warm climate and rarely snows. Well, if you wanna go to Jeju island, you can go to seven places are recommended by Airpaz. The places are below;


1. Hallasan Mount

There is the highest mountain in South Korea known by name Hallasan Mount with the elevation 1,950m. It is located on Jeju Island. Hallasan Mount is very beautiful with the view of the green forest becomes its own satisfaction as you climb it. Furthermore, this mountain has various types of flora and fauna. There are 1800 species of plants and 4,000 species of animals on this mountain. Therefore, this mountain also became a national park and famous among researchers. If you wanna see beautiful pink azaleas, you can go here while spring season, because it is the time pink azaleas will bloom on this mountain.

2. Jung-Mun Beach


The specialty of Jung-Mun Beach is known as a fine sand beach bordering on coconut hill and it has blue waters on the other side. In the right of Jung-Mun beach, there is Haessikgul Cave which is a natural sea cave. Another feature of Jung-Mun beach is it has good waves water for windsurfing and other water sports. This beach will be crowded while June until August.

3. Bunjee Artpia

One of the best features from Bunjee Artpia is it has many various types of flowers more than 1,000 species. Every day, tourists can see almost 700 plants imported from various countries. So, it is the reason why Bunjee Artpia become one of the destinations that you must visit on your holiday.

4. Camellia Hill

Camellia Hill should be included in the list of your destinations while in Jeju. Because there are camellia plants that it has existed for 30 years. The other specialty of Camellia Hill has more than plants from over 90 countries. Until now, there are more than 6000 plants of 500 varieties Camellia. Therefore, Camellia Hill is recommended by local Korean become a popular place.

5. Haenyeo Museum

Haenyeo Museum is a cultural heritage and symbol of Jeju island. The great thing about this Haenyeo Museum is that you will see the life story of a Haenyeo. Haenyeo refers to the daily lives of women divers on Jeju Island where they use simple equipment to explore the sea. In Haenyeo museum, all the thing are made into fascinating sculptures that reveal the story of the female divers in Haenyeo.

6. Eco Land

If you visit the Eco Land, you will feel the sensation of traveling around by train. It has similarity to the Baldwin steam railway in the 1800s. You can also enjoy a refreshing natural atmosphere in the great forests of Gotjawal while viewing the garden, animals, and insects that live around Gotjawal forest by train.

7. Teddy Bear Museum

For teddy bear lovers, you must visit Teddy Bear Museum if you have a vacation to Jeju island. Because the Teddy Bear Museum is one of the best attractions in Jeju. It has a collection of teddy bears over 100 years old. In addition, you can see a history hall featuring antique collections and steps from old-time teddy bear makers. At Teddy Bear Museum, you can also see many varieties of teddy bear theme styles. For examples, an extravagant teddy bear version, a classic Monalisa painting version, Albert Einstein version and more.

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