Anyoung haseyo! Is it your first time in Korea? Or are you wondering what stuff to bring home after your visit to this country?

Though it is not a must, buying souvenirs can be included in your travel budget. You can buy for family and friends, or simply making them as reminders of every trip you take.

The good news is that there are many cool things you can buy as souvenirs from Korea. Here are some great recommendations:

• Korean packaged foods

Korean packaged foods

Sounds too ordinary? Do not think so. Admit it that you can’t always find Korean foods in your country. But you are able to buy the packaged ones here. Take for example Ttokbokki (spicy fried rice cake), Samgaetang filings (chicken soup ingredients), Naengmyeon (cold noodles) and cake.

The packaged foods are quite practical because the cooking process is very easy. You just need hot water or a microwave to get them ready in seconds.

• Korean instant noodles

Korean instant noodles

Instant noodles are the most shot meals in Korean dramas. Does not the way the casts eating make you want to taste them too? Stop imagining. Go to the local supermarkets to stock your own Korean instant noodles at home. You can consider the Carbo Buldak Bokkeummyeun, Shin Ramen black, Jin Ramen and Beef Soup Instant Noodles.

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• Korean snacks

Korean snacks

Looking for more delicious gifts? Just go to a local supermarket and buy various Korean snacks. They may have promotions, where you can buy a lot for less. There is one thing you should miss, i.e. the well-known Korean chocolate pie. It is the best-selling snack all the time.

• Korean cosmetics and skincare products

Korean cosmetics and skincare products

Korean is the heaven of beauty products. Buying the original ones in this country can assure you of getting the cheap prices. At least, you need to pick four items, i.e. facial masks, lip balms, hand cream/body lotion, and beauty tools. These kinds of gifts are suitable for girls.

• Korean beverages

Korean beverages

If it is okay for you to drink alcoholic drinks, do not miss to bring the famous Soju and Makgeolli. Alternatively, you can buy coffee and citron tea.

• Korean socks

Korean socks

It is common for Korean people to wear socks when they go to sleep. If you are looking for cheap souvenirs, then it will be the best one to take. The Korean socks are also cute and made from high-quality cotton. Tourists usually buy colorful socks with cute characters.

• Korean traditional souvenirs

Korean traditional souvenirs

Bookmarks, stickers and key chains that resemble Korea will be great souvenirs too. They come in various designs like clothing, cuisine, and patterns. The best places to go for purchasing the items at low prices are Korean traditional markets.

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• K-Pop Stuff

K-Pop Stuff

Who can’t resist the charm of K-Pop stars? This entertainment industry has gained world recognition. The good news is you can buy the official CDs and goods items of your favorite stars at low prices in Korea. If the Fortune Goddess is by your side, you may be able to meet the K-Pop stars at their entertainment companies.

• Korean Postcards

Korean Postcards

Do you love every image of Korea? Their sceneries, traditional clothes (hanbok) and other gorgeous pictures that represent the country are well designed on postcards nowadays. You can use them to send unforgettable messages to your family members and friends abroad. Make sure to go to the post office during the working day and buy the stamps before sending the postcards.

Have you done making your must-to-buy list? Make sure you have enough budget and be aware of the additional cost for the luggage since you can potentially brink a lot of stuff home. To start saving, you should buy the tickets to Korea only from well, you may also find nice offers to save more on your travel plan.