Six Top Reasons of Why You Should Visit Southeast Asia Soon

If you asked budget travelers about their favorite destination, then it is guaranteed that most of them will answer Southeast Asia. The massive popularity is not without reason, as the place has so much to offer. For those of you who are curious and planning to visit Southeast Asia in near time, the article might be able to explain what to dig about the destination.

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Southeast Asia is also one of the most backpacker-friendly regions in the world, along with South America and Europe. So, what is the combination that makes Southeast Asia travel is worth to try? Here are several reasons why SEA should be the next on your destination list to visit.

Budget-friendly: No Need to Spend a Fortune to Enjoy the Place

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Majority of backpackers are constantly trying to stretch their money to the furthest extent possible – because the cheaper their travel costs, the more days they can go on the trip. The pressure is minimal when you choose go to Asia, but especially on Southeast Asian countries such as Laos and Vietnam. On most days, you won’t have to spend more than $15 daily.

The same amount of money required to cover a month of travel on places like Europe, might be able to cover you for several months in Southeast Asia. That way, you can full enjoy and embrace the visit without a need to worry about your wallet.

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Attractive Destinations: Varieties of Stunning Beaches

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What is your dream travel? Does it involve a long walk on beaches with white sand? Does it include watching wonderful sun as it sets off in the evening? Or does it contain a plan to swim in the turquoise colored ocean?

A visit Southeast Asia can provide you all of that. The region is sprinkled with gorgeous beaches, even some of the most beautiful ones in the world.

Moreover, as Southeast Asia lives in an everlasting state of summer, the beach season practically goes on a year long there. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling anytime of the year in Thailand, Bali, or Malaysia. Alternatively, you may just unwind on the hammock of the beachside.

Historic Sites: Journey to Places with Deep Historical Story

Angkor Wat

One visit Southeast Asia and you will be able to behold a lot of ancient temples that are perfectly maintained throughout the centuries. See and explore Angkor Wat, or gaze and visit the Bagan pagodas and many more sites with wonderful relics and structures.

The historical sites are indeed included in the list of best places to visit Southeast Asia, because you can also explore and learn about modern century. Some of the instances, which happened in 20th century alone, are the Vietnam War, Laos Bombing, and Khmer Rouge experiences.

Big Cities: Lots of Metropolis to Make a Visit to

Hanoi City

Looking for an adventure in big, crazy cities? Then you won’t be disappointed by choosing to visit Southeast Asia. It won’t be difficult to get your daily dose of adrenaline by stepping out into fast-moving and exciting cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, and Bangkok.

These cities somehow are able to combine the old and modern charm of Asia. These are where you can see how the glass-windowed sky scrapers exist with the ancient temples around the corner. The polarity is what makes them so intriguing and unique.


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Culture Trip: Have a Culturally Rich Vacation

Kecak Dance Bali

If there is a place that’s culturally to diverse and fascinating to be summed up in several sentences only, then it is Southeast Asia. Considering the region is relatively small compared to the other destination available on Asian travelling, it has such unbelievably diverse amounts of traditions, customs, lifestyles, languages, and more.

Simply visit Southeast Asia and you will see how the place try hard to maintain their old practices and rituals, even though it doesn’t refuse the sweep of modernity. You will get opportunities to learn their cultures from the original sources.

The People: Meet Some of the Friendliest Countries in the World

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What makes Southeast Asia is worth to be considered as the best place in the world to come by, is the happy, open, and easy-going people that you are going to encounter. It seems like there is an optimistic feeling present even at places that have gone through some really rough times.

If you were to ask majority of the visitors who have spent a considerable amount of time there, they will have at least on story to tell about being partaking wedding reception in Laos, being invited to traditional food holiday of Tet in Vietnam, or just having compelling conversation with Thai’s Tuk-tuk driver.

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