Top Recommendations of Romantic Destination for Valentine

Have you found a romantic destination for Valentine’s Day? That day is about to come. Some people may have decided where to go, while others are busy selecting places. This means you are not on your own. You can still find a place even at the last minute.

Valentine’s Day takes place on February 14th. It is when love is celebrated all around the world. Everyone seems to be anticipating this moment after the New Year’s enthusiasm. They are ready for the next vacation, especially couples who long for romantic gateways.

Top Recommendations of Valentine Gateway

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at home is too usual. Just enjoy it like other holidays. Find a romantic destination for Valentine’s and let you and your loved one get tempted with various fun. You do not only need to sit still. Walk around and enjoy the surroundings. Even visiting a museum with someone you love most is a fabulous idea to share your interest. Here is a list of world romantic places to spend Valentine’s holiday:

romantic destinationSource: Today show
Source: Today show

• Alpen in Colorado

Take your romance to a high level. When it is still winter, skiing can be a fun thing to do with your loved one. Do not forget to book a room before the flight to get away from the cold weather. Choose among of Hotel Jerome, Little Nell, and Auberge Resorts.

• Paris, France

Well, Paris always becomes a favorite, especially for new couples. You may even find it tough to get a cheap flight there. It is such a bliss when you get two, for you and your spouse. Enjoy the various fun, from just walking hand in hand to sharing wine and baguette at the Seine chic picnic venue.

• Rome in Italy

It is where Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly spent their honeymoon. You may find it as a good reason why choose Rome, The Eternal City, as a romantic destination for valentine. You have plenty of things to do, such as enjoying gelato together, walking down the Spanish roads, and making a wish by the Trevi fountain. Just do not forget the coins.

• Venice in Italy

Romance in Europe does not only live in Paris. It spreads all over the continent. Venice is just an example. You can enjoy the city tour on a gondola. There are many great things to see on the water.

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How do you usually celebrate your Valentine’s Day? Is it enough with just a banquet of rose? What about a romantic candlelight dinner? The dim atmosphere seems inviting for more fun. If you have decided which romantic destination for Valentine, check out the Airpaz website to find the best flight deal to get you there.


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