Top Shopping Destinations in South Korea

South Korea is also famous as a destination for shopping paradise. It provides many great places to shop till you drop; from the street carts and subway vendors to the great fashion malls and the lively night markets. Find the top five shopping destinations in South Korea below.

Source: socoolkorea
Source: socoolkorea


Myeongdong is a well-known tourist attraction in Seoul, which is commonly full of the trendy and young crowd. Visitors can enjoy the delicious street foods and shop at the extravagant shops along the streets. You can find kinds of fine international brands and well-known Korean cosmetics at the shops. The shopping cost to spend can be fifty percent lower than what you spend in Singapore. Besides, the shops also commonly give gifts and free samples for the shoppers.

Source: Cavinteo
Source: Cavinteo

Dongdaemun Market

Dongdaemun is a shopping area with two shopping malls called Doota and Migliore in side by side location. Doota is a mall that provides trendy fashions and branded products at good prices, while the Migliore Mall is friendlier for the bargain lovers with the one-stop-shopping concept. At night, you can experience the atmosphere of Dongdaemun Night Market with the street vendors that start operating t 9 pm.


Hongdae is a shopping area at Hongik University. The college towns provide trendy fashion products at friendly prices. Every Saturday, a free market is held to offer quirky pieces at cheap prices. Additionally, there are other college towns in South Korea including Sinchon Station, Gyeondae University Station, Anam Station, and so on.

Source: socoolkorea
Source: socoolkorea


Insadong is the market where you can buy some traditional gifts and souvenirs, such as arts and crafts, knick-knacks, Korean traditional costumes called Hanboks, and Korean traditional paper called Hanji. Visiting the market will make you feel like in a paradise of souvenirs.

Lotte Paju Premium Outlets

LottePaju Premium Outlets is the area where you can find designer products, hundreds of international brands and luxury brands of Korea. All of the stuff is offered at affordable prices. Situated in about 45 minutes from Seoul, it is easy to access by bus or subway. You can experience shopping and learn the cultural things of Korea at the suburban outlets on the four blocks area. When you have been contented with shopping, get a little rest by enjoying the cultural gallery, watching the movie or just some groceries at the supermarket.

So, get ready to shop till you drop with the top shopping places in South Korea. Don’t forget to prepare the flight too. Use Airpaz to search Air Busan flight and choose the flights with the best prices.