Must-Try Top South Korean Foods: Exploring Culinary Delights

South Korea has been rapidly visited by tourists from all over the world. The travelers do not only want to see the country for the well-known technology innovation and K-Pop but also to see the traditional culture. Besides, the travelers also never forget to taste the delicious local foods in South Korea. For those who want to travel to South Korea, these are the Top South Korean Foods to Try.


Kimchi is the oldest and typical dish in Korea. It is fermented vegetables with spicy and sour taste. The main ingredient is cabbage, fermented with some spices in the certain period. It is well-known among the foreigners because of the unique taste. Besides, Kimchi also contains high nutrition, dietary fiber, and low calorie. It is an essential and cultural dish for Koreans. They feel incomplete when enjoying dinner without kimchi.


Bibimbap is a mixed rice dish with various ingredients that can be put on the rice, such as mushrooms, sautéed vegetables named namul, soy sauce, beef, chili pepper paste called gochujang, as well as fried egg. Different regions might have different ingredients for the mixed rice.


Bulgogi is another most popular dish in Korea. It is juicy grilled beef with special marinating. Based on the CNN Travel’s Reader polling in 2011, Bulgogi is the 23rdmost delicious dish in the world. During the grilling process, sliced onions and garlic are commonly added to improve the flavor. In the serving, the meat is wrapped in lettuce and featured by red spicy paste named Samjang.


Japchae is a traditional noodle dish in Korea, commonly served as dinner or lunch’s side dish. The ingredients are fried sweet potato, beef, shredded vegetables, sugar and soy sauce. It has soft and a little chewy texture with flavorful taste.

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Hoeddoekor Hotteok is the sweet syrupy pancake, sweeter than common pancakes in western. It is a well-known street food in Korea, especially in winter. The round flat dough is commonly filled with the special mixture containing honey, cinnamon, chopped peanut, and brown sugar. The taste is mouthwatering with the soft interior and crunchy exterior.

Those are the top five foods in South Korea that you should try during your trip. Make sure you make them on your list. As the other preparation, book Air Busan Flight on Airpaz, the best booking website.


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