Top Themed Cafes in Malaysia Food Lovers Have to Visit

Enjoying a trip with the empty stomach will be very uncomfortable. If you do not have much time to taste the menus from appetizer to dessert at a restaurant, you can simply step in a café. It is where you can sip some drinks and eat light snacks to keep you full before the real meal time. Or you may just need a place to hang out with friends during the vacation when bars or clubs are not your favourites. Would it be more exciting as well if you can take your pets with?

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There are many cafes to find in Malaysia. But to make the most of your vacation time, here are top themed eateries that food lovers have to visit:

• Old China Café
No need to ride a time capsule to travel back to the land of China. You just need to visit Old China Café and see how the Chinese calligraphy and aged wooden furniture can travel your mind back in time. Surely, you won’t miss the tasty specialities of Nyonya like Pork Pongteh and Nyonya Laksa.

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• Bark & Bean
A dog is considered the most loyal best friend for a man. No wonder that you always want to take your buddy everywhere you go. If it is possible to take him/her travel with, Bark & Bean is the right place where you both can enjoy your own meals.

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• Diagon Alley
Diagon Alley is a bubble tea café that serves drinks in the special edition which looks so mystical and makes you believe in the wizard magic. There are Northern Lights and Morning Sunshine, iridescent multi-layer drinks made up from blended fruit juices and butterfly pea flower.


• Bytes and Pixels
It is where gamers will see the vivid look of their favourite video games. Accept the offer of Packman posters and paintings to step in and play. But eating is still a serious matter, so Bytes and Pixels provide their gamer-guests to taste their foods like truffle fries and Eggs Benedicts.

• Wheeler’s Coffee
As people of Penang love to ride their bikes anywhere they go, you should also take time enjoying a short city tour on the wheels. Or, you can enjoy a different sensation by visiting Wheelers Coffee, a bicycle-themed café where you will see the decorative cycles almost at every corner.

Just like in Singapore, you can actually find many themed cafés in Malaysia. Step in ones that suit to your interest whether it is to taste the foods and beverages or simply pamper eyes with the unique and decorative installed themes. So, book your flight now at Airpaz.

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