7 Top Travel Destinations in The World After Covid

What is your plan to do in 2021? Do you think it gets possible to travel again? Covid-19 pandemic has brought a huge impact to all industries in the world, including tourism. Some countries even lock their borders down to prohibit international visitors. But it seems that each government is getting ready with the New Normal opening. So, what travel destinations are you going to visit to when the time comes?

Top travel destinations you may never consider before

Travelling during or post COVID-19 pandemic must be different than before. Due to physical and social distancing restrictions, you may look for crowd fewer travel destinations. You can try the following ones, the best selections for its natural beauty, historic ruins and cultural experiences:


hungary tourism 1

Have you ever heard the charismatic Budapest? Coming up from two words of Buddha or the hilly, and Pest or the flat, the city lies on the Danube river banks. The modified warehouses and factories, added by marvellous street arts, the city gains fame among international tourists. Once getting there, you will also fall in love with the architectures as well as history.


ethiopia tourism

As one of 54 nations in Africa, Ethiopia is known for its most enchanting background in history. It also has diverse kinds of natural charms as well as a unique cultural experience. The tradition of eating injera by hand may inspire you to spare a little time coming by to Ethiopia.

This pandemic can be said to be a blessing for Ethiopians. Why? Because they earned more than 3 billions of dollars from their tourism sector right after the COVID-19 end.


iran tourism

If you find for historical vacation, Iran has a great reputation as a tourist travel destinations, despite its endless geopolitical quarrels. With a short trip northeast from Shiraz, you will find an ancient city named Persepolis. It served as the capital of the Achaemenid Empire about 2,500 years ago.

Then, there is also another one called Hamedan. There are many other choices of activity you can enjoy when visiting Iran like skiing in Dizin, sunbathing in Hormozgan Province’s white sand beaches and wandering around Gilan province’s lush forests while checking out the mosques and Zoroastrian temples.

Iran is said to be the second fastest growing tourist destinations in the whole world.


giorgia tourism

Georgia is one of the most idyllic places in the Caucasus region. Start your trip by checking out the home of cobblestone-lake Old Town, Tbilisi, i.e. the nation’s capital. Widen your experience to visit the small towns on the west side for its wine industry which has been known since 6000 BCE.

Burma or Myanmar

myanmar tourism

Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia have been world-known tourism destinations in Southeast Asia before the pandemic appeared. Why don’t you check out Myanmar for your next trip? Also known as Burma, this country is one of the fewest know infected residents and has many hidden gems to discover.

You will find a lot of attributes of Thailand such as the ancient civilizations, Buddhist temples and bustling cities. Yangon, as the former capital, is even the place of the most sacred Buddhist pagoda, surrounded by a very large English colonial architecture.


tunisia tourism

Mediterranean beaches, historic ruins and Maghreb cuisine makes the most of Tunisia as a perfect destination to experience the amazing culture of North Africa. Find all of them at the northeastern Cap Bon peninsula, Carthage Town and the Sahara Desert.


philippines tourism

How much do you like about Southeast Asia countries? If you prefer to visit one island to another, the Philippines has about 7,500 to choose from. To learn about Filipino culture, do not miss the chance to visit Manila, the national capital, and Quezon City. Both are situations in Luzon Island. Then, you can continue your trip to the Visayas, the central archipelago to explore Palawan and Boracay islands for its white-sand beaches as well as various endemic plant and animal species of the country.


slovenia tourism

Slovenia is surrounded by famous travel destinations, i.e. Italy, Croatia and Austria. It was underrated, but the capital, Ljubljana, is the home of world-class art, history museums and centuries-old cathedrals. You also will find a great castle facing the Old Town. Away from the human civilizations, there is Triglav National Park in the north part of the country, where the beautiful Julian Alps become one of the best natural beauty of Slovenia to encounter.

Among those top destinations, which one is going to be top of your list? If you already have travel destinations in mind, don’t forget to bring the essential things to save you from making close contact with others. Considering this today will help you prepare the travelling idea after COVID-19 pandemic getting more under controlled. In the matter of budget, you should check the Airpaz official website to find the best deals on airfare.


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