Unmissable Tourist Gems Near Da Nang Airport – Explore Now!

Have you ever visited Vietnam? Yes, Vietnam is the one country of the Southeast Asian nations. There are many interesting places that you can travel to. When you are visiting Vietnam, you can arrive at the airport. One of the airports in Vietnam is Da Nang Airport.

Short Explanations About Da Nang Airport

Da Nang International Airport is an important airport to enter central Vietnam. It is located in the Da Nang, the largest city in Vietnam. This Airport Code is DAD. There are 2 more airports in Vietnam. They are Than Son Nath Airport and Noi Bai Airport.

Enjoying the Attractions Near the Airport

When you have just arrived in Da Nang, obviously you will be very happy and glad to see Vietnam’s wonderful sites. But there are several attractions or interesting places that you can travel to near the Airport. You can travel to them at the beginning of your journey in Vietnam. So here are the Attractions.

Attractions Near the Da Nang International Airport

1. Đà Nẵng Museum of Cham Sculpture


This is a small museum that contains several of the Cham sculptures. It is located in the Hải Châu District, Đà Nẵng, central Vietnam, near the Han River. You will find and also learn about the history of Cham Statue here.

2. The Marble Mountains


The next attractions are the mountains. It has five marble mountains in the Ngu Hanh Son Ward. Located in the South Da Nang City, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. The five mountains here are the representatives of the five elements it is Tho, Hoa, Moc, Thuy, and Kim. You will smell the fresh and clean air here.

3. Han River Bridge

Han River Bridge

This is the hanging bridge in Da Nang with a cable through the Han River. You can enjoy the splendid landscapes of this bridge. It is located on the west side of the Han River. This is good for relaxing your mind.

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4. Asia Park Sun World Da Nang Wonders

Asia Park Sun World Da Nang Wonders

This is a wonderful park with many attractions, rides, and the exciting amusement park. You can enjoy your time here with the extreme roller coaster or you can capture your moment with the wonderful buildings inside. It is suitable for all ages.

5. Da Nang Food Tour

Da Nang Food Tour

Are you a food lover? Don’t forget to visit this place because you will find many foods here. There is a unique thing in this place it is you can eat your food with your hands, according to the locals. You can visit here in the morning and the night. Not just food, you will find some drinks also here. Some of the foods are BBQ and fresh seafood.

6. Phap Lam Pagoda

Phap Lam Pagoda

This is the temple in Da Nang City. You will find the Buddha statue here. The temple is old, and it was built in 1934. Located on the Ong Ich Khiem Street. You will also find tall trees and gardens. The atmosphere here is very peaceful and relaxing. You can also see the locals praying here.

So, there are several attractions that you can visit near Da Nang International Airport. You can find more places there. With those six attractions, you can enjoy the enticing beginning of your Vietnam tour.

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