Types of Transportation at Kota Kinabalu Airport

It’s crucial to know what kind of transportation available for Kota Kinabalu Airport if you are going to access it. After all, you need to know which types of transportation will be suitable for you to get to the city or to go to the airport (from the city centre or your hotel). It’s a good thing that there are several means of transportation available for the trip but you need to know the best one that would suit your needs.

Type Of Transportation at Kota Kinabalu Airport


kota kinabalu airport - bus

The airport buses are pretty comfortable and they have AC so no more sweaty trip! The service runs every hour, connecting one terminal to the other and also the city centre. The operating hour is from 7.30 AM to 8.30 PM. You can also use the bus to reach some important points, such as Padang Merdeka, Horizon Hotel, and Center Point. Buying the tickets is easy. All you have to do is to find the booths which can be easily found at the Arrivals section. You should find booths with a sign ‘Bas Airport’ which actually means Airport Bus.

In general, the fare is 5 RM for an adult and 3 RM for kids. The airport is around 7 to 10 kilometres from the city centre, which takes around 25 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on the traffic and rush hours. If you want to explore Kota Kinabalu, you can use the bus to reach Padang Merdeka and continue from there. At Padang Merdeka, it would be easy to find other transportation, such as minibus, taxi, and even the limo. Keep in mind that the bus only takes you to the drop-off points. It won’t take you to your hotel.



This is the best option if you travel light or when you aren’t travelling with kids. The locals are generally using this transportation to get around – and so can you! Not to mention that the fare is very low, especially when compared to the taxi. Go with Minibus 17 that go through the main road (close to the airport).

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This is the most convenient way to travel when you carry luggage and you are travelling with kids. A taxi can accommodate 4 adult people. The fare may be higher than travelling by bus or minibus but you can’t beat the comfort. In the event you arrive at Terminal 1, this is the only available transportation that you can find.

You can find the prepaid service at the ground level. You just need to go to the taxi booth, tell them where you are heading, and pay for the service. The rate is usually fixed so you won’t have to worry that the driver will fool you about it. If you are going to the city center, it will cost you around 30 RM. Once you get a ticket (a proof of your payment), you can hand it over to the driver and then hop on the ride.

Online taxis are now also available, such as Uber or Grab. This makes it even easier for you to travel around. However, find out the policy to get the online taxis as not all airports would allow such a service.

Car Rental

car rental

Renting a car is another available option if you want to travel conveniently. Yes, it may be pricey but if comfort and convenience are the things you are looking for, then renting a car may be your best option.

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