List of Transportation Method in Abu Dhabi Airport

To facilitate your mobility after arriving at Abu Abu Dhabi Airport, you need a vehicle that can take you to your destination. There are several transportation method in Abu Dhabi Airport that you can choose for a safe and comfortable trip.

In the following article, we have provided complete information about Abu Dhabi Airport transportation to Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai bus prices as your guide.

Transportation Method in Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport Transportation Method
Abu Dhabi Airport Transportation Methods / Pixabay

To reach the city from the airport or vice versa, there are various types of transportation that you can use. You can use more private means of transportation, such as taxis or public transport, which are usually cheaper such as buses.

When choosing a means of transportation, consider costs, time, safety, and comfort because these can affect the atmosphere of your vacation in this country.

The means of transportation we recommend below will answer your questions about how to get from Abu Dhabi Airport to City. In addition, there are also recommendations for the vehicle that can make it easier for you to explore the city while on vacation.

1. Public Transportation (Bus)

Public Transportation (Bus)
Public Transportation (Bus) / Pixabay

The bus is the cheapest public transportation from the airport to your inn. The buses at the airport already have AC (Air Conditioner), so you will not feel the heat during the trip. This air conditioner is very important, considering that this city is famous for being hot.

You can easily find this convenient and economical mode of transportation in the airport area. You can find bus stops outside Terminal 2 and the lower curb outside Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.  You can also find the buses at the Cargo Building and Police Complex.

Just make sure you have seen the blue and white signs to ensure you have found the bus stop.

The route after the airport is through the Bus Stand on Street 11 and Muroor. Then it will stop at Al Nasr Street, at the Old Fish Market, to be precise.

One trip costs 4 AED with a travel time of about 45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. This bus operates 24 hours, and Abu Dhabi Airport bus timings are arrival time every 40 minutes.

Payment methods can be in person or by using a Hafilat card to make travel more comfortable.

Hafilat card is a smart card that can make travel easier because the payment uses only that card. You can buy this card at the airport bus terminal or terminal in Abu Dhabi. Not disposable. You can refill it every time the balance runs out.

2. Taxis

Taxis Pixabay
Taxis / Pixabay

If you want your trip to your hotel or other destination to feel more comfortable and safe, we recommend using the Abu Dhabi Airport taxi. There are luxury airport taxis ready to deliver passengers comfortably and on time.

You can find this taxi service with professional drivers 24 hours a day at whatever terminal you are in.

If you are in the arrival area of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, you can see the taxi pick-up area on the lower curbside outside the terminal. This six-seater Mercedes Vitos cab provides luxury features and is suitable for guests with families or more than one person.

If you arrive at Terminal 2, there is a Toyota Camry taxi outside the arrival hall.

The meter starting fare for this taxi is 25.00 AED. Then every 1 kilometer, the fare will be different, depending on the time you use this taxi. If departing at 06.00 am – 10.00 pm, then every 1 km up to 50 km, the fee is 1.6 AED.

If you board from 10.00 PM-06.00 AM, every 1 km up to 50 km is 1.69 AED.

If you are interested in using this taxi service, you can contact the Transport Abu Dhabi Call Center (600 535353).

3. Rent a Car

Rent a Car
Rent a Car / Pixabay

Renting a car is the most appropriate choice if you want to be more flexible in traveling from the airport to your destination. There are many car rental offices at Skypark Plaza, located across from Terminal 3. You can visit the office within a short walk from Terminals 1 and 3.

Meanwhile, if you come from Terminal 2, the travel time on foot is about 5 minutes with a distance of 1 km.

Rates for renting a car vary greatly depending on the company and service you take. You can contact the contact for this car rental service by accessing their number and email through the official website of Abu Dhabi Airport.

Because there are many transportation method in Abu Dhabi Airport, you can choose one. Remember to book a hotel in advance so that the destination from the airport is clear. You can visit Airpaz for a quick and easy booking. You can also download the app right now!


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