All Things You Need to Know About Transportation Method in Bangalore Airport

India is a large country and consists of several states. For those of you who arrive at Bangalore International Airport, there are several transportation options to get to downtown Bangalore. 

In order not to choose the wrong vehicle, you may read the information about transportation method in Bangalore Airport below. 

Transportation Method In Bangalore Airport

Bangalore Airport Transportation Methods
Bangalore Airport Transportation Methods / Freepik

About 28 kilometers separate Kempegowda International Airport from the city core. Select the appropriate transportation method to ensure your trip goes smoothly and effectively.

A cab can be an option from the airport to the city center. Cabs are waiting at the marked spots as well as in front of the terminal building.

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation also offers an airport shuttle bus service as an alternative to taxis. 

1. Shuttle Service 

Shuttle Service
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The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) runs a Vayu Vajra shuttle service. The cost of this air-conditioned vehicle pick-up service from Chandapura to Kempegowda Airport is approximately Rs 350 (USD 4,23) for a nearly 72-kilometer trip.

To get to the airport shuttle bus stop, follow the signs. To avoid unexpected things, leave early.

In Bangalore, there are ten different routes served by this airport shuttle bus. You can use this airport shuttle wherever you stay in the city. 

In addition, this shuttle bus service connects the 230-meter-long Devanahalli airport stop station to other airport areas.

The bus shuttle service runs at the same times as the trains that run between Bengalore Airport and the city. 

2. Public Bus 

Public Bus
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The bus is the most affordable and convenient way to get around the city. Compared to most other states, bus tickets are slightly more expensive in this place, but the service is excellent.

While bus destinations and route details are provided in Kannada, bus route numbers are displayed in English. Before getting on the bus, you must be aware of the route number to your final destination.

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation’s official website lists route numbers. A typical city bus is blue and white. Transportation within the city is provided by black display buses, while red buses travel to and from the nearby suburbs. 

3. Suburban Train 

Suburban Train
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Passengers can use this train to get to and from the airport. Avoiding the congested Bangalore traffic is another benefit of taking this train. 

You can board the airport train from the following station:

  • Bangalore City Station or Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna railway station
  • Bangalore Cantonment Station
  • Yeshwantpur Station
  • Devanahalli Station
  • Yelahanka Station 

4. Flybus 

Flybus / Unsplash

There is also a flybus that provides every day service from Kempegowda Airport to Mysore (Mysuru). Buses have GPS, restrooms, roomy seats, and a live flight screen. Visit this page for more details on the many routes that are offered. 

5. Hotel Shuttle 

Hotel Shuttle
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There are many hotels that provide shuttle services. You can ask for the service to arrange a transfer from Bangalore Airport directly to your hotel location. 

6. Cabs

Cabs / Unsplash

You can hail a cab at Bangalore Airport, although they are not the cheapest way to go to downtown Bengaluru. If you want the most relaxing and private mode of transportation, you can take a cab. 

To reach downtown Bangalore, it will take roughly an hour of driving time. There are also pink cabs that are only for female passengers and are driven by women. 

Cabs are accessible at the cab line outside the terminal building. The following cab companies serve the Bangalore Airport and its vicinity:

  • KSTDC: +91 98801 21969 / 080 4466 4466 –l
  • Meru : +91 4422 4422
  • Mega: +91 4747 4747 

They are all 24-hour service. 

Moreover, at Bangalore Airport, you can reserve a prepaid cab. You can request the hotel to book a taxi for you if you are staying at a hotel or guest home. 

To any location in Bangalore, prepaid cab charges start at Rs 800-1000 (USD 9,66-12,07). 

In addition to the two types of cabs mentioned above, Bangalore Airport also offers rideshare cabs from companies like Uber and Ola. You can download the app to your smartphone if you’re a passenger and want to use that 

7. Rickshaw 

Rickshaw / Unsplash

Another choice of transportation mode is the rickshaw. You can take a rickshaw, which will be more efficient through downtown Bangalore. Nonetheless, taking a rickshaw from Bangalore is highly discouraged, as the distance to the city center is too far at 40 km.

If you still want to take a rickshaw. You can ride a rickshaw to get around the city at short distances while enjoying the atmosphere. 

8. Car Rental 

Car Rental
Car Rental / Unsplash

To independently travel in India, you can also rent a car. Use your search engine to rent a car online.

Additionally, car rental agencies are situated inside the terminal. Or, for extra possibilities, you can rent a car in Bangalore’s downtown area.

Now you know about the transportation method in Bangalore airport. Choose the mode of transportation that you feel most comfortable with and get ready to explore India.

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