Best Transportation Method in Changi Airport Revealed!

Whatever your reason for visiting Singapore, choosing transportation on the spur of the moment will not enhance your experience. If this is the case, you will feel rushed and exhausted rather than refreshed. Therefore, here is what you should know about transportation method in Changi Airport.

Transportation Method in Changi Airport

Changi Airport Transportation Method
Changi Airport Transportation Method / Freepik

Changi Airport is one of the most bustling airports with heavy passenger traffic. So, don’t be overwhelmed if you find so many transportation methods at this airport. 

These transportation modes are available to use, thereby the passengers’ convenience and smooth running of this airport’s activities are achieved. What types of Changi Airport transportation are available? Here’s further information for you.

1. Ground Transport Concierge (GTC)

Ground Transport Concierge (GTC) Changi
Ground Transport Concierge (GTC) / Changi Airport

Among many transportation methods that you can pick to travel around is GTC. Changi airport management provides this service at each airport terminal. 

How to use this 24-hour service? It’s a lot easier if you use the iChangi app. After that, you must go to the customer service staff. Where are they?

You can find GTC staff next to the information counter, to be precise at L1 Arrival Hall from T3 or T4. For T2 passengers, the GTC staff is at L1 gate 5. Meanwhile, the GTC at T1 is located in the Arrival Pick-up basement.

What about the price? If you choose a 4-seater vehicle, you must pay 55 SGD (40.89 USD) per trip. Meanwhile, if you choose a 7-seater vehicle, you must pay 60 SGD (44.61 USD).

GTC city shuttle is also available as a transportation method from Changi Airport to the city. Although it sets out every hour, this service only operates from 07.00 AM – 11 PM. Adults taking this service are charged 10 SGD (7.43 USD), while children aged 12 and below are charged 7 SGD (5.20 USD).

2. Public Buses

Public Buses
Public Buses / Unsplash

The next choice of transportation mode is the public bus. A public bus is a right choice if you want affordable transport while leaving the airport to see attractions in every corner of the city. 

Changi Airport bus terminal is easy to find. The bus stops are at T1, T2, T3, and T4. If you go through T1, T2, or T3, you must go down to the basement first. And then, you can take the bus line according to your desired destination.

Meanwhile, if your arrival is on T4, there are two locations of bus stops available. The first one is close to Car Park 4B, and the second is next to SATS Inflight Catering Center 1. Look carefully at each line of these bus stops because each line may have a different route.

How about the price? It depends on the route and whether you take it during peak hours. Getting on it during peak hours may charge you additional payment. The price is, in fact, lower if you pay with cards than cash.

Meanwhile, you can pay the bus fare in cash. Otherwise, you can pay with your debit/credit card, NFP card, or mobile wallet. You can buy the NFP card at the Passenger Service Center, or Changi Recommends store.

3. Train

Train / Unsplash

Another transportation alternative is the train. You need to know that there’s no direct train to the city. In other words, you must transfer to another train line. 

Which terminal is MRT at Changi Airport? It’s on T2 and T3. So, if you’re in T1, you need to get to T2/T3 by skytrain or walk. After that, find the sign Train to City. It will get you to the MRT station.

This MRT service is open from 5.30 AM on Monday-Saturday. Meanwhile, the MRT station operates from 6 AM on Sundays and public holidays.

You can pay for this mode of transportation with NFP cards, bank cards, mobile wallets, or the Singapore Tourist Pass. You must pay more using a bank card as there’s an admin fee.

4. Taxi

Taxi / Unsplash

The third transportation option is by taxi. Changi Airport taxi services are parked at the Arrival Hall of T1, T2, and T3. The journey to the city is about 30 minutes if you use this transport method. 

However, the price is a bit expensive, around 20–40 SGD (14.87-29.74 USD). Moreover, there is an additional surcharge if you take a taxi from the airport. The surcharge starts from 6 SGD (4.46 USD) to 25% of the final metered fare. So, think carefully before you take your transport.

5. Rental Car

Rental Car
Rental Car / Freepik

Last but not least, you can choose this solution, that is renting a car. How? You can make a booking via the rental car provider’s application. So, if you haven’t had the app on your phone, you must first download it from the Play Store.

After booking it, you can come to the Arrival pick-up points at T1, T2 or T3. Although using a private car is more comfortable than taking public transportation, hiring a car is not recommended as parking in Singapore is costly.

That’s all the information about transportation method in Changi Airport. Feel free to check Airpaz to get the best deals for your flight to Singapore.


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