Types of Transportation Method in Chennai Airport You Should Know

Chennai airport is an international airport as it is known to be the center of India’s industrial and multicultural city. Hence, it is no wonder that it offers various tourist destinations.

If you are about to visit Chennai, you need to know about the transportation method in Chennai airport so you will not get lost or confused during your arrival. To make sure you fully enjoy your trip to Chennai, here is the list of the transportation modes you can try.

Transportation Method In Chennai Airport

Chennai Airport Transportation Methods
Chennai Airport Transportation Methods / Pixabay

There are some transportation modes available near Chennai airport. Moreover, you can also choose the one that matches your preference.

Public Transportation in Chennai Airport

Here is a list of public transportation in Chennai airport. The public one means you do not have to make a reservation or is available regularly around the airport.

1. Taxi

Taxi / unsplash

The first transportation method is a taxi. Taxis are a common ride in airports. Moreover, you can easily catch one when you go outside the arrival gate. However, during a busy hour, you may find it hard to grab a taxi.

To prevent not being able to catch a cab, you can find a reservation number and book your taxi to schedule your arrival time. Hence, you do not have to worry about not finding transportation to go outside the airport.

As for the facilities, the common taxi in Chennai airport usually is air-conditioned with free luggage. As for the rate of the taxi, it is approximately between INR 350 to 500.

2. Bus

Bus / Pixabay

The next transportation method you can try while leaving Chennai airport is by taking a bus. The government of Chennai provides a special bus to ride from the airport to the center of the city. In addition, it is named MTC bus with complete facilities to go from the airport.

What is good about taking the MTC bus is, it is the cheapest Chennai airport transportation method as it only costs around 1 US dollar. Moreover, you can pay on-site without reservation. However, you may find it slower compared to other rides. Sometimes, you need to wait on the bus stand near Chennai airport, and it needs to stop to drop and get in the passenger.

Still, it is a good choice if you are on a budget trip and do not want to spend extra money for transportation. Free Chennai airport pickup service is also available if you book a hotel with this service.

3. Train

Train / Unsplash

Another transportation method to go to the city after arriving at the airport is by train. Train is a really popular transportation mode in Chennai. Even the Chennai International Airport provides a special counter where you can check the train’s schedule and how to book a ticket.

Going by Chennai airport train is easier and relatively cheap compared to a private rented car. However, you will need to transfer to the nearest station which is Tirusulam station. Tirusulam station is 2 kilometers away from the airport. Hence, you need to catch a cab to go to the station.

4. Metro

Metro is also an alternative transportation mode from Chennai airport. You can get to the metro station through the free shuttle bus. Taking a metro is good if you want to have a short trip around Chennai.

Moreover, the Chennai airport metro links directly to terminal 3 and 4 that holds the international airlines. When you choose to hop on the metro, you will pass the Washermenpet route that goes to Chennai Central, Government, Estate, Little Mount, and back to Chennai airport.

 The fare is also affordable with a fee around 10 to 60 INR. Make sure you check the schedule on the site.

Private Transportation in Chennai Airport

Private Transportation in Chennai Airport
Private Transportation in Chennai Airport / Unsplash

Private transportation is available for you if you want more privacy on your trip. Moreover, you can freely adjust the schedule and do not need to wait for a certain time. There are two types of private transportation you can choose.

1. Motorbike

The first ride you can choose is motorbike ride. It is usually available online. You can book a ride directly once you arrive at the airport by installing an online application on your phone. As it is a two-wheels ride, you cannot bring much luggage. Hence, it is suitable for backpackers or travelers with light luggage.

The fare itself varies depending on the destination. It ranges from 10 to 80 INR. The application will show you the rate.

2. Rented Car

If you bring family members or friends on your trip, you can choose a Chennai airport rented car so you can freely take more than a passenger and bring more luggage. Rented car option usually starts from 4 to 5 passengers for each car. Moreover, you can also choose the type of the car, the arrival’s time, and the destination. The cost of a rented car will depend on the selection you choose.

After knowing the transportation method in Chennai Airport, hopefully you can have a more peaceful and worry-free trip to Chennai. Now all you need is to book a flight and start your vacation. Book now at Airpaz!


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