Getting Around at Transportation Method in Dubai Airport Modes

Dubai Airport is one of the largest international airports ever to exist. It has enormous capacity and a wide area. Also, it has three large terminals in which each of which has its own facilities as well as the route to a certain flight. In order to gain access to each terminal, walking alone is not enough. Due to the big area, you will need to hop on a transportation method in dubai airport to access the terminal.

The transportation you need is both to roam inside and outside as you step out of the gate. Moreover, the city of Dubai also has a lot of worthy places for sightseeing. To make sure you don’t get lost on your way, this simple guide will help you.

Transportation Method in Dubai Airport

The following transportation methods will help you transfer between terminals and roam around the city.

1. Dubai Airport Shuttle Bus

Dubai Airport Shuttle Bus
Dubai Airport Shuttle Bus /

Dubai airport shuttle bus is free and easy to access if you want to transfer between terminals. Furthermore, it provides great facilities to make your trip easier and more comfortable.

A free shuttle bus between terminals runs every 20 minutes. The location of the bus stop differs from each terminal. In terminal 3, you can find the bus stop in Entrance 3. As for terminal 1, the bus stop is between the arrival and departure gate, right above the level. The estimated time to wait until the bus takes off is around 50 to 10 minutes.

For a complete directory, you can check the map here.

2. Metro Train

Metro Train
Metro Train / Unsplash

Another affordable ride in Dubai airport is the Metro train. The metro train regularly goes from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 with two main stations. Hence, you can wait either in Terminal 1 station or Terminal 3 station. If you want a ride to reach each terminal, you must wait at a station on the Red Line.

Unfortunately, the train only runs sometimes. It opens from Monday to Thursday with the scheduled time from 5.00 am to 1.00 am. To ride one, you can purchase the ticket at the airport station. Also, there is an optional choice of using a Nol card where you can purchase credit and use a cashless method.

The price of each ride for this Dubai airport train between terminals will depend on how many stops you take. A ride to terminal 2 will be cheaper than one from terminal 1 to terminal 3.

3. Airport Taxi

Airport Taxi
Airport Taxi / Unsplash

You can book a taxi if you are looking for more private transportation. Airport taxis are available in Dubai International (DXB) airport’s distinguishable color. The regular cab for passengers has a cream color, while the one with female drivers is pink.

The pink taxi is for women looking for a safer one since the driver is a woman. To book a taxi. You can reserve by phone by calling +97180088088. As for the taxi fare, it ranges from 250 to 530 USD. For a more accurate fare and car selection, you can directly visit the rental car shop.

4. Hotel Shuttle bus

What’s nice about an airport with international class is the supporting facilities, both inside and outside, always accommodate customers’ needs. Due to high demand and urgency, some hotels near Dubai Airport offer free shuttle bus as part of the hotel package.

The Dubai airport transportation to hotel usually operates from 6 am to 10 pm. The schedule may differ depending on the hotel you book. In order to know which hotel provides this service, you may look for it in the additional search when you book a room.

The hotel staff will pick you up based on your arrival. Also it also helps the guest to reach Dubai airport after checking out. As for the hotel fee that provides this service usually ranges from 100 – 300 USD.

5. Private Call Rental

Another option to ride to and from the airport is to rent a private car. Why do you need to rent a car? The reason is due to its convenience. It is far more flexible in deciding when you will need a ride. For example, a rented car also offers transport Dubai airport to Abu Dhabi. Customers will have the option to decide which time they will arrive or leave the airport.

The price will depend on the package you choose, the duration, and the number of sites you want to visit. The average price usually ranges from 100 USD for small and medium cars with a capacity of 4 people and no additional baggage.

While the bigger and premium one costs about 200 – 300 USD with up to 6 passengers and extra baggage for three days.

These are various types of transportation method in Dubai airport that are available and easy to book. You can also find more options for your vacation preparation in Airpaz. Airpaz provides all the information and booking process for everything you need in Dubai.


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