Transportation Method in Goa Airport Every Passenger Should Know

When you have just landed at Goa Airport, the transportation method in Goa Airport is one of the things you should consider. This is because the Goa Airport transfer to hotel transportation will help for faster access to where you are staying.

There are many Goa Airport transfers that you can choose according to your preferences and budget for transportation costs. Let’s see the transportation modes available at India’s busiest airports.

Transportation Method in Goa Airport

In general, there are five choices of modes of transportation that you can use to take you to your hotel or your dream tourist destination. These five choices can be adjusted to your budget or based on your comfort during the trip.

Some of the transportation options that you can choose from Goa Airport are:

1. Shuttle Buses

Shuttle bus

This first option is one of the cheapest and easiest transportation options around the airport. This shuttle bus operates from the airport area, Calangute, to Panaji, where there are only two daily trips.

The shuttle bus location is outside the airport area. This service will start operating at 11.00 am from the Calangute football field, then return to that point at 02.10 pm via Panaji.

The fare per person from Goa Airport to Calangute and the reverse route is 150.00 INR (1.81 USD). Meanwhile, the fare from Panaji to the airport is 100.00 INR (1.21 USD) for one trip.

For complete information about shuttle buses, you can call +91 832 2438830.

2. Local Buses

Local Buses

Apart from shuttle buses, you can also use local buses, which travel a lot in the Goa Airport area. The local bus route is from the airport to Vasco da Gama and Chicalim, but the trip frequency is not as erratic as the shuttle bus.

After leaving the airport area, many buses wait for their passengers. One-way fare for one person ranges from 250.00-650.00 INR (3.02-7.86 USD). You can also book tickets in advance to make your trip more comfortable.

3. Railways

Train as a transportation method at Goa airport

If you enjoy the sensation of traveling by train, then this option is also available. Even though there is no train station within the airport area, you can access the nearest train station, which is about 1 km away.

The train station is called Dabolim Railway Station and can take you to Argao and Vasco da Gama Railway Stations. You can use a taxi or walk to the station. Access to this station can use by taxi or walk.

If you walk, the journey time is 20 minutes; not recommended if you just landed and feel tired.

After arriving at the station, you can immediately look for line 07341, and 30 minutes later, you will arrive at Vasco da Gama station with a one-way fee starting from 80.00-550 INR (0.97-6.65 USD) or depending on the type of class you take.

Apart from Dabolim Station, several other railway options connect to many places. For example, the Konkan high-speed Railway Stations connect Carambolim, Ponda, Tivim, and Margao.

4. Taxis

Taxis at Goa

Taxi service at Dabolim Airport (Goa Airport) is perfect for those who want a faster trip and come with others. Goa Airport taxi fare 2022 can be considered because taxi fares are much more expensive than public transportation.

Travel time to downtown Panaji is only about 45 minutes. It will be much faster if your destination is hotels and inns around the airport.

Because many taxis waiting in the airport area, you should choose carefully because many parties will deceive foreign tourists.

Therefore you can order a prepaid taxi called the Yellow Prepaid Taxi. You can find information about ordering at the information booth, which is the operating area of the Goa Tourism Development Cooperation.

You can also find prepaid taxis outside the terminal besides visiting the information booth.

Goa Airport taxi fare to Downtown Panaji starts from 870.00 INR (10.53 USD) for a taxi without air conditioning. In contrast, the fare is 921.00 INR (11.14 USD) if you have air conditioning.

If you want to go to Calangute, the fare is 1.149/1.128 INR (13.90/13.65 USD), depending on whether or not there is an AC facility. As for Candolim, the fare is 1,200/1,271 INR (14.52/15.38 USD).

5. Car Rental

Car Rental at Goa

Car rental is the best choice to explore the airport and city area more flexibly. In India, every car rental generally provides a driver to accompany you during the trip.

That is because tourists may not be used to the harsh road conditions in India, so local residents are the best choice as drivers to accompany you. For the rental fee, you can discuss it with the local car rental you choose.

After knowing that there are many transportation methods at Goa Airport, you don’t need to worry anymore about transportation. In addition, to choose the best mode of transportation, don’t forget to book a hotel at Airpaz. Easy and more effective! 


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