Getting Around Transportation Method in Haneda Airport

As one of the biggest international airports, Haneda airport is spacious and always busy with hustling people. If you are not careful, you may get overwhelmed by the foreign situation. So, what kind of transportation method in Haneda airport should you take to the city? 

Read this complete guide, so you can have a worry-free flight without thinking about what to use for your transportation once you get there.

Transportation Method in Haneda Airport

There are various transportation modes to get to the city as listed in the following list.

Public Transportation Method in Haneda Airport

Public transportation is recommended for people who want to avoid reserving a private car. So, here are the options you can take.

1. Tokyo Monorail

Transportation Method in Haneda Airport - Tokyo Monorail
Tokyo Monorail / Facebook

The first and only transportation mode in Haneda airport is by taking the monorail. A monorail is the type of train that connects Haneda airport to the nearest station. If you get on the monorail, you will reach Hamamatsucho Station.

To get on the monorail, you must wait 15 minutes since it comes every 15 minutes. However, the airport transfer Haneda airport fare using the monorail is relatively cheap at only 5 US dollars for a ride to the station. Moreover, it operates from 5.12 AM to 11.48 PM.

If you want to get on the monorail, you need to buy the ticket at the monorail stop at the airport. The fare to ride a monorail is 250 yen for children and 490 yen for adults.

2. Limousine Bus

Limousine Bus
Limousine Bus / unsplash

The next public transportation at Haneda airport is the limousine bus. It is a long bus with a wide capacity to carry passengers from the airport to the city center. Riding a bus does not need a reservation. You can wait at the bus stop until it arrives.

The bus capacity is huge and it has many stops to bring passengers in. However, it has neat seating and proper facilities, so you do not need to worry about getting cramped there.

To be able to ride the bus, you need to wait at the interval time since the bus stops in a specific interval schedule. The bus stops every 30-80 minutes, depending on the traffic. Even though you need to wait, the fare is affordable as it only costs you about 700 to 2.000 yen.

3. Keikyu Train

Keikyu Train
Keikyu Train

Japan is always keen on train transportation as it is the major mode in the country. Going from Haneda airport to Tokyo is no exception. Aside from using the Haneda airport monorail, you can also use the Keikyu Train route to go from the airport directly to Tokyo.

Aside from Tokyo, you can also go to Kanagawa, Shinagawa, Yokohama, and Asakusa through the subway route.

The government also offers discounts for foreign tourists if they want to use both the Keikyu railway and subway routes. Therefore, it is an ideal Haneda airport transportation method for you once you arrive at the airport.

Moreover, the fare is also cheaper than taking a bus. You will only need 4 to 6 US Dollars to go to Shinagawa or Tokyo station. First, you must go to the nearest station from the airport, purchase the ticket at the counter, and choose the route.

4. Airport Taxi

Airport Taxi
Airport Taxi / Unsplash

Another option for transportation from Haneda – Tokyo is by taxi. You can use it as an option if you do not want to wait for a bus or train. By choosing a taxi, you can choose one immediately once you exit the arrival gate.

However, if it is during a busy hour, you must wait until an accessible taxi is available. In addition, the fare of Haneda airport taxis during busy hours is usually higher than normal. The cost of taking a taxi is around 5.000 yen to 11.000 yen. It will depend on the destination you choose.

Private Transportation at Haneda Airport

Private Transportation at Haneda Airport
Private Transportation at Haneda Airport / unsplash

After learning about public transportation, there is another option for using private transportation. In this mode, you need to reserve before using the service. However, you will benefit from becoming the priority, with no waiting time, and much simpler than the public one.

At Haneda airport, there are many private shuttle services that you can book before arrival. In addition, the shuttle service usually uses a private car to pick you up. The driver will pick you up as you schedule the arrival time.

The shuttle service at Haneda airport is more flexible and easier to book. Moreover, you can immediately purchase a ticket compared to public transportation. When you book a private shuttle service, it usually charges you around 38 to 45 US dollars.

The rate will depend on the destination you choose. If it is only around Haneda, it typically costs around 5000 yen. If you choose an airport transfer from Haneda to Tokyo service, it may cost you 6000 yen and above.

After you get familiar with all transportation methods in Haneda airport, it seems exciting to try various modes. Especially since Japan always offers the latest technology in transportation. Do not postpone your trip to Japan; book your flight now at Airpaz!


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