Transportation Method in Izmir Airport You Should Know

When you arrive at Izmir Airport, you will need to travel to your hotel or destination.

As a result, knowing the transportation method in Izmir Airport is essential because it can help you get to and from the airport. See what Izmir Airport transportation is available here.

Transportation Method in Izmir Airport

Izmir Airport Transportation Methods
Izmir Airport Transportation Methods / Pixabay

As the saying goes, “many roads lead to Rome,” there are also many ways to get to your destination from Izmir Airport.

Several methods of transportation from Izmir Airport include:

1. Airport Bus

Airport Bus
Airport Bus / Pixabay

You can travel from the airport to the city using bus Izmir Airport numbered 200, 202, and 204.

Traveling using the bus Cesme Izmir Airport is only about 30 minutes.

No need to worry if you come too early or too late because this bus operates 24 hours. However, the arrival of the bus is once every 45 minutes.

For bus route number 200, the travel area is from Izmir Airport to Mavisehir, located in the city center.

Meanwhile, the route for bus number 202 is from the airport to Alsancak Cumhuriyet Avenue, which also has hours all day long.

Then the last route is from Izmir Airport to Izotas with bus number 204.

After arriving at Izotas, you can connect with subway metro lines and Otogar (Izmir city center bus terminal).

The fare for boarding the three bus numbers is around 4.70 TRY or around 0.22 USD for adults for one trip. You can buy the ticket offline or directly at Izmir Airport.

2. Havas Bus

Havas Bus
Havas Bus / Pixabay

Apart from these three buses, there is another similar vehicle called the Havas Bus, with a journey time of just 30 minutes, 15 minutes faster than the previous buses.

Operational hours are from 01.00 to 23.00, with arrivals around 20, 35, to 60 minutes to the city center.

Apart from delivering to the city center, Havas will also offer its passengers to several other major cities in Izmir.

To ride Havas, you must pay 11 TRY or 0.59 USD, provided an additional fee of 25% if you travel from 00.00 to 06.00. 

3. Taxi

Taxi / Pixabay

Taxis are the best option to avoid getting into a too-crowded vehicle.

Travel time by taxi is only about 30 minutes; depending on traffic conditions, it can take longer if there is a traffic jam.

You can take a taxi by finding a company available at the airport 24 hours a day.

The price of a taxi to the city center is around 43 TRY or 2.30 USD, according to the distance.

Izmir Airport taxi price for departing from the airport is approximated 4.50 TRY and 5.50 TRY or 0.24 to 0.29 USD per one-kilometer journey, depending on the situation. 

If you feel it’s too expensive, you can still bargain with the taxi driver for a more reasonable or cheaper price.

4. Train

Train / Pixabay

For some people, the train is one of their favorite forms of transportation because of the fast travel time and cheaper ticket prices.

If you want to go to the city’s outskirts, taking the train can be the foremost choice, making it more cost and time efficient. 

Walking for about five minutes, you can arrive at the local train station called “Adnan Mendered Havaalani” in the local language.

This train station is easy to find because it is located right next to the Izmir Airport International Terminal. 

Konak Station is one of the city’s main subway stops on both the north and south lines.

There are also transfer stations called Halkapinar and Alsancak if you want to visit other places in the city.

Travel time using this train is about 30 minutes and you have to pay for 3 to five billets (tickets) which you can buy at the ticket desk at the counter.

Travel with these tickets can be as much as 2.3 to 5 times.

If you want to travel while in Izmir cheaply, you can buy an Izmirin Kart or a rechargeable electronic card for 20 TRY or 1.07 USD.

If you use this card, your 90-minute trip will be much cheaper.

5. Rent a Car

Rent a Car
Rent a Car / Pixabay

If you want a more flexible trip or your group is around 2 to three people, renting a car can be a more economical solution.

But make sure first that you have an international driving license, so it doesn’t cause problems when traveling.

You can be match the vehicle’s availability with your arrival time and limited mileage by using a rental car.

You can find car rental companies at the Domestic and International Arrivals Hall. Currently, there are around 20 rental companies to choose from.

After knowing the transportation method in Izmir Airport, you no longer need to worry about access to various places.

Let’s plan your vacation to Turkey, and if you still need to book flights and hotels, use Airpaz!


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