Your Ultimate Go-To Transportation Method at Kansai Airport

After arriving at Kansai Airport and going to your hotel or destination, transportation is a major requirement. There are many transportation method in Kansai Airport that you can choose as a means of mobility.

Check out what Kansai Airport transportation you can choose from through the summary we have prepared especially for you.

Transportation Method in Kansai Airport

The distance from Kansai Airport to the center of Osaka City, is about 50 kilometers, so to reach Osaka and other areas, public transportation is very important for long trips.

You can choose a variety of vehicles that will generally pick up or be available at Kansai Airport Terminal 1 or some from Terminal 2. In addition, Kansai Airport pickup service and public transportation. What means of transportation can be accessed using the railway, sea, and road?

1. Rail Transport

Rail Transport
Rail Transport / Pixabay

In the Kansai Airport area, there is the Kansai Airport Station which can provide train services to make your journey to your destination easier.

There are two choices of trains that you can choose from at this station, which can suit your destination and budget.

Because two railroad companies use it, there are also two island platforms, the Nankai Electric Railway and JR West.

Its position is directly connected to Terminal 1,  on the second floor. In addition, the station is also connected to the Aeroplaza Building.

The place to buy train tickets offline from these two companies is also nearby, so it’s really easy to purchase the tickets.

a. Nankai Railway Airport Line

There are two types of transportation from the Nankai Electric Railway, namely the Airport Express and The Rapi:t.

The Airport Express has 12 stops starting from Kansai Airport all the way to Namba.

If you take this train from Namba Station or Kansai Airport Station, it will be easier to find empty seats.

However, if you go up during rush hour, the train will be crowded, and you will find it difficult to organize your luggage because there is no special place for your luggage.

The fare for using this train for children is 460 JPY or 3.47 USD, while for adults, it is around 920 JPY for one way, and no reservations are required.

Meanwhile, if you want to use the limited express service, you can choose The Rapi:t, which is pronounced “rapido or rapid.”

This train is faster because it doesn’t stop as much as the Airport Express. In addition, you must make a reservation.

If you have a lot of luggage and want to feel comfortable, you should choose The Rapi:t because this train is not crowded. Fares for adults start from 1130 to 1340 JPY or 8.54 to 10.12 USD, while for children 579 to 770 JPY or 4.37 to 5.82 USD.


JR West also has two types of trains, namely JR Limited Express Haruka and Kansai Airport Rapid Service.

JR Limited Express Haruka is a fast, convenient, and comfortable train that routes the airport, Tennoji Station, Shin-Osaka Station, and Kyoto Station.

The cost for one person is from 1,710 to 2,850 JPY or around 12.92-21.53 USD.

Meanwhile, if you want to save your budget, Kansai Airport Rapid Service can be an option, but the arrival time is longer than Express Haruka.

Ticket prices start from 1,000 to 1,200 JPY or 7.55 to 9.06 USD.

You can buy all train tickets through the provider’s application or ticket vending machines at Kansai Airport Terminal 1.

2. Bus to Kansai Airport

Bus to Kansai Airport
Bus to Kansai Airport / Pixabay

If your trip is just a short distance or you feel uncomfortable using the train, then the Kansai Airport limousine bus can be your next choice.

You can buy the bus ticket using two methods. The first is to buy at the ticket vending machine on the first floor of Terminal 1 or the Airport Transport Counters located in the Arrivals Hall.

Secondly, buy tickets at the boarding points if you come from Osaka City center. For lower prices, round-trip tickets are also available.

Estimated travel ticket prices to Senri New Town. Umeda, Shin Osaka, and Namba range from 1,600 to 2,000 JPY or 12.09 to 15.11 USD.

3. Airport Taxi

Airport Taxi
Airport Taxi

If you want to be more personal and fast, then you can use the Kansai Airport taxi, which operates around the clock, both outside the airport terminal and at taxi stands.

The cost of using a taxi from the airport to Osaka City center is 15,000 to 24,000 JPY or 113.30 to 181.28 USD, with a range of 50 minutes.

The estimated time depends on traffic conditions and destination locations.

If you feel that the previous taxi price was expensive, then there is another option, namely a shared taxi van, which is cheaper.

The price of this shared taxi starts from 2,500 to 4,300 JPY or 18.88 to 32.48 USD, with the duration depending on the destination location.

This fee covers one suitcase, while if there are additional items and they are large, you will have to pay an additional fee.

4. High Speed Ferry

High Speed Ferry
High Speed Ferry

If your destination is UKB (Kobe Airport), then bay shuttle, a high-speed ferry can be an option.

Hours of operation are 6.30 am and end at 12.00 am, with a total of 32 trips per day. The estimated time to use this ferry is around 30 minutes.

To purchase a ticket for 1,880 JPY or around 14.20 USD, you can visit the high-speed ferry ticket counter near Exit A of Terminal 1.

Meanwhile, from Terminal 2, the purchase location is right in front of the Arrival Gate.

With all the information above, you will be clear about choosing a transportation method in Kansai Airport. If you want to book a hotel or plane ticket, you can use Airpaz to make your trip more comfortable.


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