The Nepal Guide: Transportation Method in Kathmandu Airport

Exploring the attractions in the city of Kathmandu will be much easier if you know the transportation. That way, you will not waste a lot of time because of the traffic. Here is the transportation method in Kathmandu Airport.

Transportation Method in Kathmandu Airport

Transportation method in Kathmandu Airport

The Nepal government provides various modes of transportation for tourists visiting this country. So, consider the transportation below if you want to get around this city or even explore the attractions.

1. Public Buses

Transportation method in Kathmandu Airport

The bus is public transportation in Kathmandu that most Kathmandu residents use. The buses in this city itself are quite diverse. For example, there are local buses, express buses, tourist buses, and so on.

  • Bus Fare

Additionally, the price of taking public buses is also lower. If your destination is about 0-5 km away, you will have to pay a fare of around 20 NPR (0.15 USD).

Meanwhile, for a distance of 10 km and below, the passenger has to pay around 25 NPR (0.19 USD).

Unfortunately, there are some cons if you choose this transport. First, you have to pay in cash. So, make sure you always have enough cash before getting in.

  • Bus Schedule

In addition, the travel time from the airport to the city center is quite long. It can take up to 1 hour if there is a traffic jam and around 30 minutes for smooth traffic.

One of the local buses that tourists generally use is Sajha Yatayat. These buses are available around the airport terminal. You can recognize this bus from its green exterior color.  However, this bus ends its operation at 6 PM.

You also need to remember that the public bus departures in Kathmandu do not have a fixed schedule. As it is always crowded, you should be careful with your belongings if you choose this method of transportation.

Besides, public buses are available around the airport, and you can also book a shuttle bus service provided by the hotel where you choose to stay.

2. Taxis

public transportation in Kathmandu

As an alternative to the transport service in Nepal mentioned above, you can choose a taxi as your transportation to visit places in the city of Kathmandu. You can easily find a taxi as soon as you exit the Arrival Hall. 

There are two types of taxi services available around the airport. The first one is metered taxis and the second one is prepaid taxis.

  • Metered Taxis

Metered taxis usually charge 30 NPR (0.23 USD) per kilometer. However, there is basically no fixed fare for metered taxis. Therefore, you should first negotiate the price with the taxi driver before getting into the taxi.

Usually, tourists who take a metered taxi from the airport to the city center will pay a fare of around 500 NPR (3.78 USD). No tip is expected. However, there is a 100 NPR (0.76 USD) surcharge if you hire a Kathmandu Airport taxi after 9pm.

  • Metered Taxis

Prepaid taxis are taxi services where you can pay the fare in advance at the counter outside the Arrivals. In fact, prepaid taxis are more expensive than metered taxis, starting from 550 NPR (4.16 USD) up to 1000 NRP (7.56 USD) if your destination is quite far.

You can usually get to the city center in just 20 minutes from the airport by taxi. You also need to remember that there is a waiting charge for the taxi you booked, which is around 1.2 NPR/minute. Meanwhile, the taxi will wait for a maximum of 30 minutes.

3. Rental Car & Motorcycle

Transportation method in Kathmandu Airport

Renting a car or motorcycle gives you more freedom than using other transportation in Kathmandu. What you need to do is just contact the rental providers around the airport area.

Many rental companies around the airport area are open 24 hours. They usually provide various types of cars for tourists who intend to rent a car during their vacation. Examples include Economy cars, Standard cars, Minivans, SUVs, etc.

The cost to rent a car is around 82 USD per day. If you make a booking to the rental company in advance, you will likely get a cheaper rental rate, which is 65 USD or less.

On the other hand, some car rental companies also provide motorcycles or scooters to rent. Scooters rental prices start from 7.46 USD a day. Meanwhile, motorcycle rental prices are higher. It’s around 14.93 USD. The rental fee includes helmets and other equipment.

To rent a car or motorcycle, you must prepare important documents such as a passport, ID card, and driver’s license. You should also sign a rental agreement and pay the deposit.

4. Rickshaw

transportation service in Kathmandu

In several tourist attractions of Kathmandu, there are rickshaw spots. If you are tired of walking to get to the next attractions, you can try the experience of using a three-wheel rickshaw.

To use this transportation service in Kathmandu, you only need to pay around 35 USD. The rickshaw will take you to three different attractions in this city.

Finally, which transportation method in Kathmandu Airport that you consider choosing if you visit this country? You can decide later. However, the flight ticket and hotel booking can’t be decided later. Get the best deals only at Airpaz.


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