The expert travelers must have the prediction of big destinations in every New Year. Including in 2018, there are some destinations that have been predicted to be big by the experts. The next most-wanted destinations in 2018 are as followed.


According to Scott Shetler from the Quirky Travel Guy, the popular destination in 2018 will be Greenland. Many travel addicts will make it on their list of destinations to visit. It is because Greenland has been well-developed for the tourism explosion. The roads and attractions have been developed with more uniqueness including the glaciers, hiking trails, waterfalls, and the unique culture of the local people.


Estonia will be popular according to Valerie Wilson from Trusted Travel Girl. The destination is not too crowded, but many travelers will soon realize the beauty. It stores great history, amazing medieval architecture, as well as the beautiful castles that look like in a fairy tale. Besides, the country also has the interesting unique culture for the influence of Scandinavian, Russian and European mixture.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Barbare Wagner from Jet-Setter said that Tbilisi, Georgia will become the next great tourist destination.

The flights connecting to the Tbilisi will be increasing and it has many unique attractions that draw more tourists every year, such as the attractive history influenced by Soviet, friendly people, amazing foods, and also the well-developed city. Its bright future as a tourist destination is like Budapest and Prague about one decade ago.

2018 Traveling Trends Predictions

The trends of traveling that will happen in 2018 according to the experts are:

• Anete Ilmenite from The Travel Leaf said that there are many tourist destinations that become eco-friendly destinations, the sustainable travel destination that will become trends in 2018.

• Nellie Hung from the Wild Junket predicts that 2018 will be a year for business travelers that make trips for economy sharing. This is the traveling way for millennials.

• Annika Ziehen from the Midnight Blue Elephant said that experiencing the authentic local traveling will be a trend this year. The travelers will try the authentic life of the local people, not just visit the restaurant and find some local people there.

Those are the predictions from the expert travelers. Therefore, which trend that will be tried by you this year? No matter what you are going to try, make sure you prepare the trip well. Including by booking the flight in the best place like Airpaz. Also, try using the Price Alert to get daily notifications of the best rate availability.

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