Travel to Cherating Beach


Cherating Beach is a well-known resort zone in Pahang. The location is about 30 kilometers to the north of Kuantan Malaysia.

It is a typical small fishing village and becomes one of the most famous backpacker destinations today.

Many small hotels and guesthouses are found along the Kuantan – Kuala Terengganu road. It has the wide and nice beach and becomes the first location for the Asia’s Club Med.

How to Get to Cherating Beach

If you drive a car from Kuantan, you only need to follow the signboards directed to Kemaman, through Balok and Beserah. Meanwhile, if you drive from Kuala Lumpur through the East Coast Expressway/ Route E8, it will sidestep Kuantan and straight to Cherating Beach.

Drive straight until you find Jabor Exit, pay the toll and then follow the signs to Kemaman, Cherating Beach is about 25 kilometers to the south. Cherating Village also can be reached by bus.

There are many buses that get in and off Cherating every day and you can find them easily at the bus stations, such as Terminal Bersepadu Selatan in Kuala Lumpur.

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What to See and Do at Cherating Beach

Cherating beach has the wide sandy beach as the main attraction to see. It will also be fun to enjoy the water activities such as surfing, yachting, swimming, and many more.

The best time to surf on Cherating Beach is in November and December because it has the best waves to surf. It is also interesting to join a Batik Painting class provided by the handicraft shops.

Besides, the guesthouses commonly provide fun activities to enjoy by the travelers such as cruising, fishing trips, kayaking, river cruise, snorkeling, body massage, surfing and trip to the Turtle Sanctuary.

The Turtle Sanctuary can be reached on foot about 30 minutes of walk. No entrance fee’s needed to pay but you can give some donation to the sanctuary.

It is also possible to do voluntary work if you arrange a couple weeks in advance in the Turtle Sanctuary Office in Kuantan. The main type of turtle to reserve in the sanctuary is the Leatherback turtle. They release the baby turtles on June to September.

To reach Cherating Beach, you certainly should fly to the nearest airport to the town. Prepare the flight tickets in advance to get the best deals. Check the available flights on Airpaz where you can find many options for airlines and prices. Then you can choose the best flight in the duration and the price.


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