China is no stranger to the world community, because of the many unique and achievements that China has gained on the international scene. One of the things that are inherent in China is that Bambusa Multiplex is very strong and very difficult to break is known for its best quality recognized throughout the world.

Not only is bamboo which is famous for China but also many amazing tourist attractions that attract tourists who come to this bamboo country. Maybe most of you want to visit China just to see the Great Wall of China, visit the Forbidden City in Beijing, walk along the Bund in Shanghai, or visit the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an. In fact, there are many amazing tourist attractions in China, temples in the soothing tropical rainforests to rice fields like paintings made by artists, do not forget the holy mountains and amazing waterfalls.

Everything You Must Know about China Tourism

There are many tourist attractions in China that must be visited to fill your vacation. In East Asia, besides being famous for its remarkable economic development, the tourism market also has its own charm. There are various choices of tourist destinations that you can visit when you are in the bamboo curtain country. Starting from a refreshing natural tour to a quite challenging and adrenaline rush.

Some cities in China such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai have so many tourist attractions to visit. These destinations are the main destinations where you can spend time with your family and loved ones. You will be comfortable and feel at home in China.

China Geography and Tourism

Even though China’s territory is vast, but most of it is mountains like hills and plateaus. Only about 12% of the lowland regions have long and mountainous directions and tend to be east-west, dividing China into three different geographical regions. In the west, there is the Tibetan plateau, while in the north there is the Sinkiang-Mongolia region.

Both of these regions are mostly high mountains and deserts like the Gobi desert in Mongolia, and fertile grassy platoons. The third main area is the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean region, which is inhabited by 95% of the Chinese population. Of the three regions, the Eastern region is the most important area. Besides being fertile as agricultural land and a population concentration, this region is the centre of all important industries in China.

1. Mountains

A volcanic mountain when erupting can have a terrible impact. But behind it is the beauty in shape and the surrounding natural scenery. Today, many countries are utilizing the mountains as one of the tourism sectors that has many visitors every year. China as the largest country and has various types of mountains utilize these opportunities. There are so many mountains that are used as tourist attractions that provide economic income in the field of tourism

• Tengchong Volcano National Geological Park

China - Tengchong Volcano National Geological Park

It is located between Tengchong and Lianghe districts of Yunnan province. Volcanoes in this area are the four largest volcano groups in China. This inactive volcano group area is well maintained. The highest peak in this volcano is at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level, with a high difference between various peaks between 60 to 1,000 meters.
At that location, in addition to more than 80 famous hot springs in China, there are also more than 90 volcanic cones, causing the park to be dubbed a natural geology museum. Enjoy your vacation to visit Tengchong Hot Sea, Waterfalls of Dieshuihe, Areca River, The King Azalea, Yunfeng Mountain and etc. In addition, you can get many traditional foods served for you.

• Wudalianchi National Forest Park in Heilongjiang Province

China - Wudalianchi National Forest Park in Heilongjiang Province

Having vacationed in Wudalianchi Global Geopark located in Wudalianchi City, a district-level city under Heihe City in Heilongjiang Province will make you amazing. It’s caused The entire geopark is a vast scenic area consisting of five large lakes connected to it, namely, Lotus Lake, Mount Yanshan Lake, White Dragon Lake, Derek Kepat Lake, and Ruyi Lake. Here you can enjoy with bonsai gardens, five-colour beaches, strange pine gardens and the Chinese ilex park.

• Datong Volcano in Shanxi Province

China - Datong Volcano in Shanxi Province

Opened on August 17, Datong Volcano is located in the northeast of Datong City in Shanxi Province, Datong Volcano is the only volcanic area concentrated in North China. There you will find more than 30 volcanoes spread over an area of 60 square kilometres. The most important mountains were swept by Heishan, Jinshan, Langwoshan and Gelaoshan. To enjoy the mountain range that enters the Datong Volcano area, you can enter 5 Yuan. In addition, to the stunning natural scenery and unique human culture in the park, it has been honoured as a rare natural heritage in East Asia.

• Haikou Shishan Volcano in Hainan Province

China - Haikou Shishan Volcano

Located 15 kilometres from Haikou city in Hainan Province, the Haikou Shishan Volcano which is part of the national park is a natural volcanic geology museum that offers an amazing look. This is one of the active volcanoes of Holocene Epoch. Places around Haikou Shishan Volcano are overgrown with tropical fruits and primary forests. In addition, there are also 72 underground karst caves where the most famous are Cave Wolong and Gua Xianren.

• Mount Huang

China - Mount Huang

Mount Huang is a very popular tourist destination in China. This mountain is in eastern China. Surrounding people call it Yellow Mountain. This tour is famous because the scenery on Mount Huang is very charming. Visitors can see a row of pine trees, the presence of granite on Mount Huang and a beautiful cloud above the mountain.

This mountain is suitable for those of you who like climbing activities. When visiting this mountain you will be charged an entrance ticket, the entrance ticket to climb this mountain is 230 Yuan

2. Plateau

In addition to the mountains that are used as tourist attractions, the plains located at altitudes above 700 m above sea level in China are also used as tourist attractions. Opening the highlands to become a tourist spot in China makes tourists curious about the beauty presented by the place. Various highlands in China have their own differences and characteristics. one of the highlands in China which is a world tourist destination is the Tibetan plateau which is the highest and most extensive plateau in the world.

• Loess Plateau

China - Loess Plateau

This highland located in north-central China has the average height is around 4,000 feet and covers around 154,000 square miles. Going to the plateau consisting of mountainous areas in the centre surrounded by grasslands crossed with rivers and decorated with lakes.

• Tibetan Plateau

China - Tibetan Plateau

Tibet is a province of the People’s Republic of China, which is the Special Autonomous Region of China, located in the Himalayas and is often said to be the world’s top, bordering Nepal, Bhutan and India as well as Xinjiang, Qinghai and Sichuan in China. Tibet, commonly known as the “World Roof of the World” is indeed not as famous as other destinations as a tourist destination. In fact, China’s special autonomy area is no less tempting. Believe me, especially for those who like natural and cultural tourism. Some of the best places in Tibet must be really visited. They are Namtso Lake, Mount Kailash, Jokhang Monastery, Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, etc.

3. Deserts

China or what is now better known as China is a republic with the most extensive land in the world. Mainland China has several desserts which are also included in the largest desert in Asia, the Gobi desert. The beauty of the desert in China is not inferior to the beauty of the mountains there. You can see the vast and unique desert of the desert with a variety of different beauty in each dessert.

• Gobi Desert

China - Gobi Desert

Hearing the word desert, what first occurred was barren land conditions and the view as far as the eye could see only sand. Especially if you look at the conditions in the Gobi Desert in China which is the largest desert in Asia and is also the fifth largest desert in the world. But who would have thought, the Gobi Desert holds the world’s most beautiful natural scenery that can be found on Crescent Lake.

• Ordos Desert

China - Ordos Desert

Ordos desert is also called the desert name Mu Us. The area of the Ordos desert reaches 90,650 square kilometres. This dessert is located in the Mongolia-People’s Republic of China region, precisely at coordinates 39 degrees North Latitude and 109 degrees South Latitude. Ordos desert border the Yellow River to the east and mountains to the north. The mountains to the north separate Ordos desert from the Gobi desert. Meanwhile, in the south, there is a giant Chinese wall that separates the Ordos desert from fertile land.

• Taklamakan Desert

China - Taklamakan Desert

The Taklamakan desert is also called the Taklimakan desert or Takamoamagan Shamo. This dessert is located in the Xinjiang Uyghur area, the People’s Republic of China. The Taklamakan desert area reaches 270,000 square kilometres and is included in the list of the 15 largest deserts in the world.

• Jaran Badain Desert

China - Jaran Badain Desert

It is a dessert that covers several regions in China, namely Gansu, Ningxia and Mongolia. This dessert has an area of more than 45,000 square kilometres. Jaran Badain has the highest sand dune in the world. While the dunes have a height of about 500 meters. The sand dunes did not change shape even though they were hit by a very strong desert wind. This is because the sand dunes on Jaran Badain are united by water inside the sand layer.

Popular Tourist City in China

Enjoying a long holiday is indeed very suitable for you to go to eliminate stress by visiting China. You will find various types of new things while you are there. Because not only ancient buildings will get you, but a variety of tourist attractions will get your spirit back to work. If you have the intention to visit this bamboo country then don’t forget to visit the phenomenal city and full of beautiful stories. Following are cities that have various variants of tourist attractions and other uniqueness.

1. Beijing

China - Beijing

As the capital of China, of course, Beijing has interesting tourism potential. Beijing City is a popular city and is a tourist icon in China which is most visited by tourists. Not only local tourists visit this place but many foreign tourists visit this place. In Beijing city, you can find some interesting tourist attractions to visit, and the Forbidden City is the most visited tourist spot by tourists. Beijing has a lot of history with a history of more than 3,000 years. This history can still be seen until now.

• Olympic Green sitting
• Hutongs
• Summer Palace
• Temple of Heaven
• Ming Tombs
• Great Wall
• Tiananmen Square
• Forbidden City

Getting tired of taking a tour, you can try to find typical food in China, one of which is Beijing duck. The interesting thing about Beijing ducks is that they have a history of more than 100 years and boast an extraordinary reputation. Not only that, but you can also see the Beijing Opera which shows a number of stylish actions, including singing, dancing, dialogue and acrobatic fights to tell a story or present a character in Shanghai.

2. Shanghai

China - Shanghai

Having the vacation to China is incomplete if you don’t visit Shanghai, especially since this city is a tourist destination that you dream of. So don’t be surprised if Shanghai has the most popular tourist attractions in China. Shanghai is just like Beijing which has many interesting tourist attractions. Shanghai is the largest city in the Mainland of the Republic of China, a city that has an important role for the Chinese economy, has a long and valuable history, therefore Shanghai is also a very interesting tourism place. There are many landmarks and museums that we can visit when we are on vacation in Shanghai.

• The Propaganda Poster Art Centre
• Shanghai Disneyland
• Tianzifang
• Fuxing Park
• Lujiazui
• Yu Gardens
• Chongming Island
• Shanghai Circus World
• Shanghai Wild Animal Park

If you want to get Chinese souvenirs, you can get them in various markets there, one of them is Nanjing Road or also known as Nanjing Lu. It is a major shopping centre in Shanghai. Nanjing Road is also known as the longest shopping area in the world. This area is divided into two, namely Nanjing West Road and East Nanjing Road. At Nanjing Road West you can see luxury shops selling branded items, while Nanjing East Road you can see shops while relaxing on foot.

3. Guangzhou

China - Guangzhou

Clean, orderly and fresh, that’s the first impression when setting foot in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China. Since leaving Baiyun Airport, which means Airport of the White Cloud, a clean atmosphere has been seen inside the airport and the streets outside the airport. Quite a lot of trash cans are provided with the separation between organic and non-organic waste, both inside the building and on the streets. In addition, the janitor at the airport also seems to always work cleaning anything that looks dirty. Guangzhou is the largest region in southern China. The city has a variety of beautiful and interesting places that are suitable for photographs.

• Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street in Liwan District
• Night Tour of the Pearl River
• The former site of Whampoa Military Academy
• Sacred Heart Cathedral
• Baiyun Mountain or White Cloud Mountain
• Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum
• Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family
• Shamian Island
• Bright Filial Piety Temple

Guangzhou also has quite a number of shopping places that can be used as alternative shopping for you when visiting tourist attractions in China. For those of you who really like shopping, it would not hurt if you stop by a cheap shopping place in Guangzhou to buy souvenirs or souvenirs.

Transportation in China

China - transportation

In Asia itself, China has become a developed country that is ready to compete with other developed countries such as Japan and Korea. Various kinds of Chinese products began to expand into the international market. Likewise, the transportation system and equipment in China are not inferior to other developed countries in Asia. At present, China has more than 1,300 public bus routes and 5 subway lines. Buses and subways in China are designed for the convenience and efficiency of time for its users, given the dense population, it must be balanced with an adequate transportation system.

In addition to buses and subways, China also has an airport. China National Airport is located in the city of Beijing, which is the largest airport in China. The airport has 12 international flight lines and 9 local flight lines. There is also a pedicab transportation tool, which is a favourite means of transportation to explore Hutong. This one transportation tool does have a special road, so it does not cause congestion on the highway. But because of its operation with human power, it is less time efficient.

During working hours, bus transportation usually causes more congestion compared to other means of transportation. There are also taxis and motorbikes (ojek) to get around to tourist attractions in Beijing. Among the many transportation options in Beijing, the most time-efficient is the subway. The subway has a special lane, so it is not constrained by other vehicles that can cause congestion. This train is also very comfortable and safe to use. In addition, there are many stations near tourist attractions in Beijing.

National Holiday in China

China - the Dragon Boat Festival

On May 1, Chinese people again enjoyed a national holiday for one day to commemorate World Labor Day. Chinese people again enjoy a three-day holiday on May 28-30 to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival or “Duan Wu Jie”. A week-long national holiday will be enjoyed by the Chinese people from October 1 to October 8, to commemorate China’s Independence Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. For a holiday commemorating China’s own Independence Day, it usually takes seven days.

Taste Traditional Chinese Food

Discussing delicious culinary issues is endless, especially culinary in the Asian region that is very diverse. One dish that is rich in culture and typical recipes from generation to generation is typical Chinese food. It is this widespread Chinese culture that makes the cuisine very popular and can almost be found in all directions. Well, for those of you who go to China, first look at various types of traditional foods that are delicious with processed natural ingredients that make you addicted.

• Kaoya

China - Kaoya

No need to be confused with the name of this one dish, because actually, Kaoya is a term for Peking duck by the old Chinese society. The origin of this food is Beijing City and now has spread throughout the world. Kaoya or baked Peking duck is usually served directly with fine meat slices or also eaten with Chinese pancake skin.

• Mapo Doufu

China - Mapo Doufu

Mapo doufu or Mapo tofu belongs to one of the popular traditional Chinese dishes. This dish comes from Shicuan Province, which is an important province with a great influence on the Bamboo Curtain Country culinary style. The Tofu Tea itself is prepared from finely chopped tofu and cooked with peanut paste, ground meat, chilli powder, spring onions, and other herbs.

• La Ji Zi

China - La Ji Zi

This is one of the traditional Chinese dishes that are quite familiar and suitable to eat at any time. If translated from the meaning of the word, La Ji Zi is actually a dry spicy chicken. As the name implies, to cook this dish the chicken is diced and then fried until it is dry and cooked with dried chilli garlic and Sichuan special chilli. Surely fans of spicy food must try this one dish.

• Lamian

China - Lamian

We can find this traditional dish with the authentic taste only in one province in China, the Gansu province. Lamian itself is a type of noodle dish that all processes are made by hand. Furthermore, this food is served with a clear soup made from radish, chilli, and cilantro.

• Hainan Jifan

China - Hainan Jifan

This food is also popular with the term Hainan rice which is traditional food from Hainan province. Hainan Jifan is made from rice cooked with chicken broth and ginger along with the other spices. After cooking, the rice is served with a variety of side dishes according to the Chinese tradition. Even though Hainan rice is very famous in Singapore, don’t get me wrong because this food is actually Chinese food.

• Nian Gao

China - Nian Gao

When mentioning famous Chinese cakes, we will definitely call the basket cake one of them. Well, Nian Gao or what is known in Indonesia as the basket cake is actually a traditional Chinese cake which is very popular especially in the Lunar New Year. Nian Gao is processed from glutinous rice and sugar which is then formed round or other forms according to taste.

• Jian Bing

China - Jian Bing

Jian Bing is also considered one of the delicious traditional Chinese dishes that are worth a try. Having a shape like pancakes, Jian bing is usually eaten as a breakfast menu because to make it we only need about two to three minutes.

Chinese Souvenirs

When we travel to beautiful places, of course, we don’t want to miss the typical handicrafts that come from that place. A typical hand from a place will reopen the beautiful impressions we get from somewhere. So that the memory will automatically rotate when we see objects typical of the country. China as a country that is rich in antiques in the form of historical relics and potions of the royal age makes you do not need to be confused to get souvenirs for families who are at home.

• Tea

China - Tea

Despite changing dynasties, the tradition of drinking tea in China has become a necessity for everyone who lives there, including you who are on vacation. Chinese tea products are diverse and some are for health. There are five popular categories of Chinese tea such as black tea, green tea, scented tea, brick tea and oolong tea.

• Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is also a mistake for you to buy. Because natural herbal concoctions in traditional Chinese medicine are best known throughout the universe. Since the first dynasty that ruled China, physicians have always used natural root plants such as ginger, ginseng, chrysanthemum, Chinese cucumber, Camellia, Cayenne, and many more.

• Handcrafts

Every country must have an identity as outlined in a variety of handicrafts. China, too, is not only ceramics that are a popular gift. Chinese handicrafts are also often hunted by you. Besides the cheap price, the shape and variety of simple handicrafts are easy to put in a backpack or suitcase. But there are also original Chinese handicrafts like statues which have high religious value.

• Jade

If you are a woman, coming home from China would mean bringing home beautiful jade. Yes, in Chinese philosophy jade symbolizes beauty, glory, determination, perfection, strength and eternity. This stone has been a mascot of Chinese people since more than 4,000 years ago. Jade is usually used as a ring jewel beads, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and wall hangings and tables. There is four jade with good quality, such as Hetian Jade, Giok Xiu, Jade Dushan and Turquoise.

• Silk Fabric

China is indeed the champion of producing the highest quality silk fabrics in the world. You always do not want to miss buying silk from the first time. Inevitably, you really like the subtlety, variety and colour of tempting silk to buy. The best silk fabric products come from Dandong City, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Sichuan.

• Antique Ceramics

China - Antique Ceramics

If you are a collector of antiques, China is the country. Ceramic is an antique Chinese handicraft that has a long historical value. Chinese ceramics have become one of the earliest works of art introduced to the world through the Silk Road from time to time. Many old patterned ceramics that describe traditional Chinese culture and life are sold on the market.

Chinese Culture

China - Chinese Culture

Chinese consists of various dialects. In order to have better communication, the government chose one to be the official language, namely the northern dialect, commonly called Mandarin. This language is used by around 70% of the Chinese people and is used in schools as the language of instruction. Other variations of Chinese are min, Wu and Yueh (canton), each of which has its own dialect.

Most Chinese culture is based on the response that its form is a spirit world. Various methods of intervention have helped answer the question and made alternatives to medicine. Folk culture has helped fill the void for everything that has no explanation. The link between myth, religion and strange phenomena is very tight. Gods and goddesses became part of the tradition, among which the most important included Guan Yin, Maharaja Jed and Budai.

Classical Chinese clothing that was originally multi-layered, laden with embroidery of gold and silk threads, is now still permissible to be seen in accordance with the circulation of time and suitability. The everlasting Labuh, Cheongsam, Shanghai and Samfoo robes are used in the Majlis and ceremonies. Most of it is still produced from China using bright coloured broked and silk fabrics with various gold and silver threads.

Traditional Chinese musical instruments refer to all types of musical instruments used in Chinese culture. Erhu(二胡 – Chinese fiddle, his body uses snakeskin as a membrane, uses 2 strings, which are swiped with a bow made of horsetail, Banhu(板胡 – Chinese fiddle, with a body made of coconut shell with a wooden board as its membrane, Liuqin(柳琴)- Small stringed instruments like pears with 4 strings, Ruan (阮)- 4 string round stringed instruments, Konghou(箜篌)- Chinese Harp, Dizi(笛子)- Flute using membrane shakes, Suona(唢呐)- Chinese trumpet.

Having a vacation with your family in China will give a different sensation because there are many places that can be used to enjoy nature, as well as historical heritage and know the centuries-old Chinese-style concoctions. China which is a developed country provides special tours for you including traditional food and a variety of souvenirs that you can get easily.


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