Guide to Safe Travel to Thailand

Cheap Flights for travel to Thailand will be very well appreciated by travelers who wish to go to this country. There are several reasons that make Thailand a famous tourism destination.  The beautiful tropical beaches, diving spots, unique culture and historical ruins, delicious foods to fill the stomach and the lush green forests can be found here in Thailand. Because of the high demand, seeking for Flights ticket with cheaper price can be difficult but definitely not an impossible thing to be done.

What to Do in Thailand?

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A lot of things are waiting in Thailand. Most tourists want to go to the beach right away and enjoy time there for fun activities from just simple sightseeing to surfing or even party on the beach. Ko Phangan, Ko Lanta, Ko Lipe and Ko Samet are the examples of favorite beaches in Thailand. Some tourists might be itching to dive even before they are flying with AirAsia or other flights of choice. Phuket, Similian Islands, Ko Tao and Surin Islands are great places with great diving spots. Enjoy the view of underwater life from these great spots for the rewarding holidays.

As soon as arriving with Tiger Air flight, some people might want something other than beach.  Is there any other place to be visited? What about trekking in the forests that look very green from above? It is a good option for the people who want to get closer to nature. Khao Sok, Chiang Rai and Khao Yai will be great to be visited. Khao Sok is famous for having limestones and caves to be explored. Taking a walk to the ruins of history will be a fun thing as well. Ayutthaya, Sukothai and Lopburi are great historical ruins to be visited.

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After walking around and doing various activities, hunger will naturally ask for attention. Since this is Thailand, there will be no need to worry about foods. Thai foods are famous and loved by a lot of people from all around the world. The foods are just delicious. And since the flight of AirAsia, Tiger Air or others has taken tourists to the origin of Thai foods, taking a look around and tasting foods will be a great thing. There are a lot of food stalls with locals cooking. Try any foods from the famous Tom Yum to the other foods rarely found in other sides of the world.

Is It Safe to Travel to Thailand?

Well, this is an important question to be answered. Recently, many people concern about the current security of this country. First is because of the coup d’état. Second is the recent murder of two British backpackers. Is it okay to travel to Thailand? Actually, it is still safe to travel there. Just stay away from protests or gatherings or locals around Bangkok or any other city. Be careful not to attract attention of locals with ill intentions by being more considerate and respectable to the culture. It’s important to also remember about preparing for flight and Flights ticket earlier than usual.

Happy Traveling….

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