7 Countries to Travel without Quarantine

Traveling to other countries in the post-global pandemic of Covid 19 can be quite challenging. Many requirements and restrictions are made to ensure that you are healthy enough and will not spread the contagious virus to people in destination countries. Not to mention the mandatory quarantines that are not only time- but also money-consuming. However, some countries now allow people to travel without quarantine there. Let’s take a look at the list of all countries that you can visit without travel restrictions and other additional entry requirements below.

What Is Needed to Visit Countries without Covid Restriction?


Despite the outbreak of Covid 19 in most parts of the world, some countries are quite confident to open their borders to foreign tourists. By loosening the covid restrictions, these countries are ready to welcome whoever wants to come. It means that no countries are banned due to the pandemic. All you need is just your passport and visa!

These countries are open to tourism without quarantine. There will be no tests required before arrival if you want to visit them. Tourists are not required to test upon or after their arrival in these countries either. As for the vaccine, you can still come to visit even if you haven’t got the jab.

List countries You Can Travel to Without Quarantine

The countries below are reopened for travelers without covid 19 restrictions.

1. Jordan

The first country where you can travel without quarantine on the list is Jordan. This country has gotten rid of entry requirements post covid like proof of vaccination and PCR testing. People who come to Jordan can also come with vaccine passports. The only post-covid 19 requirements needed to enter Jordan is to fill a health form via online. Strangely, the questions put on the form have nothing to do with covid 19.

2. United Kingdom

Officially, the UK will join the list of countries that removes entry requirements post covid 19 on March 18th, 2022. England is all-out when it comes to removing the entry requirements since travelers don’t even need to fill any related-covid form. In other words, entry requirements to this country are exactly how it was before the outbreak of covid 19.

3. Ireland

Ireland became one of the first countries in the world that removes most rules related to covid 19 in January 2022. 2 months later, precisely on March 7th, 2022, the country has entirely removed the covid 19-related rules. From now on, people who want to come to Ireland will find zero travel restrictions.

4. Saudi Arabia

Starting from March 9th, 2022, Saudi Arabia officially discontinued all entry requirements related to covid 19. It is such a relief for nations with a Muslim population. This is because Muslim travelers couldn’t make their way to the pilgrimage hajj since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Generally speaking, those who want to travel to Saudi Arabia don’t need to provide documents related to proof of vaccination. Testing and quarantines are not needed either. However, travelers still need to be aware of some remaining small requirements made by the government of Saudi Arabia. The covid 19-entry requirements that are still in place include a contact tracing app, proof of travel health insurance, and online health forms.

5. Maldives

The Maldives becomes the next country on the list that allows you to travel without quarantine. From March 15th, 2022, this tropical country has loosened all the entry requirements related to covid. The day also marks the end of mask mandates and the state of emergency period.

In this way, those who want to travel to the Maldives are not required to show proof of vaccinations and conduct covid tests before their arrival. Not only that but travelers can also come to the Maldives without having health insurance.

6. Mexico

No matter what your vaccination status is, you can travel to Mexico without quarantine. There is no covid 19 test needed either on your arrival to the country. However, you still need to fill in the Health Declaration Form issued by the Mexican government. You also need to scan the QR code on your arrival.

7. Romania

Romania has drop-off all their covid-related entry requirements since March 9th, 2022. Due to the new rules, travelers will not need to obtain proof of vaccination to enter the country. Aside from the vaccination status, travelers are not required to conduct covid tests either.

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