Traveling Guide to Bidong Island Malaysia


Bidong Island or Pulau Bidong is a tiny island in one square kilometer of width. Located off the Terengganu coast Malaysia, in the South China Sea, the island can be visited from Merang beach town. Bidong Island in Malaysia is a unique destination to choose as it doesn’t offer too beautiful scenery, wonderful BIdong Island sunrise and fun activities to do but it has the interesting history to learn.

Bidong Island History

Before the island was used to land Vietnamese refugees in 1978, the island was uninhibited and has beautiful scenery. Then the island was borrowed as a refugee camp from the state government of Terengganu.

The first refugee’s group consisting 47 people arrived on the island in 1975. Then in 1978, the other refugees come as many as 121 people. The largest amounts of refugees came in 1979; more than 40,000 people. The sums overloaded the island and the refugee camp was only for about 4,500 people.

The condition was very terrible in the early days of the huge refugees on the island. Bad sanitation, lack of foods and clean water for the overload people caused social problems and endemic diseases. But kinds of the organization came to give aids and solved the problems of the refugees until they can have the better life, good health facility, school, and even entertainments.

On October 30, 1991, the island was closed as the refugee camp and it started to rejuvenated. Then in 1999, Bidong Island has opened again but for tourism purpose. The pristine of the island was regained and it started getting many visitors, including the former refugees that were nostalgic with their old home.

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Bidong Island Langkawi Activities

Bidong Island, Malaysia now is a deserted island without any settler or resort operated. The island only houses the remnants of school, hospital, shops, and refugee accommodations.

The travelers only can visit the island with a day trip to see the remnants and learn the history, as well as enjoying the beautiful scenery that has been restored and naturally rejuvenated into the pristine conditions.

Besides, the visitors also can enjoy snorkeling, Bidong Island diving, and picnic on the beautiful island’s beach. For the accommodation, you only can get them on Perhentian and Rendang Island.

Bidong Island also offers the underwater attraction. It is an underwater gallery in 15 meters of depth that exhibits the replicas of relics and cultural artifacts such as Terengganu Inscription Stone, arch, tepak sireh, and traditional boat.

The uniqueness of Bidong Island Malaysia may be so interesting for you. Plan a visit to the island when you traveling to Malaysia and get a unique experience there. Visit Airpaz to see the options of flight to the nearest airports and get the best choices with best prices. Happy traveling!


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