Traveling Tips to Koh Chang Island


Koh Chang Island in Thailand is also called as the Elephant Island for the headland shaping like an elephant. It belongs to the largest islands in the country, besides Phuket and Samui Island. Located in Trat Province, about 300 km to the east from the capital city Bangkok.

It is a part of Mu Ko Chang National Park. With the rocky character, the Koh Chang Island offers many interesting features such as waterfalls, sweeping bays, prosperous coral reefs, and plenty of accommodations in various options.

The area of Koh Chang Island Thailand is about 429 square kilometers and 70 percent of it is the area of rainforests, beaches, and mountains. Khao Salak Phet is the island’s highest peak at 743 meters high. It features waterfalls with the highest one called Klong Neung Waterfall on the east, but it is difficult to access.

From Bangkok to Koh Chang Island

There are many options for transportation from Bangkok to Koh Chang Island. The first option is by plane from Bangkok airport to Trat Province’s airport. Besides, taking a bus from Ekkamai Bus Station is another favorite option because the travelers can see the local people living along the way.

An air-conditioned bus ticket costs about 260 baht. By the bus, car or minibus, sailing to the island starts from the Laem Ngop piers. Arriving on the island, travelers can go around by a songthaew, or rented motorbike or scooter.

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Things to Do on Koh Chang Island

In addition to enjoying your relaxing time in a luxury resort and on the magnificent beaches, you can have many things to do for making an adventure on Koh Chang Island in Thailand.

The activities are such as jungle trekking, kayaking, snorkeling, and diving. It will also be an amazing adventure to see the beautiful waterfalls, trekking the jungles or riding on the elephant’s back.

When the adventure ends, it may a great idea to try the cooking class of local cuisines or relax while enjoying the spa’s massages.

Koh Chang Island Accommodation

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The beaches with white sands and the luxury resorts seem always inviting for most international travelers. However, Koh Chang Island Thailand also offers other various options for accommodations. So travelers can choose based on their budget and needs. The large island houses vast accommodation choices, from the luxurious villas to the budget beach huts.

The island is perfect for those who love enjoying beach and adventure at the same time. Then plan your trip if the Koh Chang Island is a perfect for you too. To search and book the flight tickets, you can use Airpaz that is always ready for its various flight options. You can use price alert to monitor your traveling budget. Happy traveling.


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