Phu Thok Thailand Traveling Tips

Phu Thok Thailand is a sandstone consisting two hills named Phu Thok Noi and Phu Thok Yai. The name itself is derived from Isan words that mean ‘isolated mountain’. Most travelers who visit the hills enjoy climbing the 500 meters high sandstone by stepping on the wood ladders. When they arrive on the top of the hills, they find the amazing views and features of the hills.

Phu Thok History


Situated in the Ban Na Kham Khaen, Tambon Na Sabang, the hills were the house of wild animals and thick woods. The peaceful place was chosen by a meditation master called Phra Achan Chuan Kunlachetto for meditation and teaching Buddha to the Buddhists.

On the Phu Thok Noi, a temple named Wat Phu Thok or Chetiya Khiri Wihanis located. It becomes the starting point to reach the top, by walking along the wooden bridge. The wooden bridge was established by the villagers, novices, and the monk with faith in 1969 and finished after five years. It is imagined like a virtual path that leads righteous people from the world to the freedom.

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Things to Do in Phu Thok


Nowadays, Phu Thok Thailand still becomes the place for meditation, so the visitors should visit it with calm manners. To reach the top, travelers should pass the stairs of the bridge with its 7 sections. The 1st and 2ndsections to the 3rd section are curving around the mountain. The thick dark forest covers the path with rocky grounds and boulders. As higher as the bridge you reach, the obstacles are more challenging but the views are much more beautiful from the high points. However, it is not recommended for those who are phobia to the high places.

How to Get to Phu Thok

The best transportation to take to visit Phu Thok in Thailand is a car. This tourist destination location is about 185 kilometers from town by firstly taking the Highway 212. Then pass the Pho Chai, Bueng Kan and Pak Khat districts. Then take the Highway 222 by turning left to the Si Wilai district. Next, turn left and continue to follow the way in about 30 kilometers until you reach this tourist destination. It is open daily but closes for the public between 10-16 April every year for the Songkran Festival.

It is another spot in Thailand where you can see the beautiful view from a high place. If you love such adventure, then make it on your list. Don’t forget to prepare the flight to the nearest airport to Phu Thok. Check on Airpaz whether you can find and book the flight in the best deal. Happy traveling!


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