The Unique and Excitement of Reverse Bungee Jumping in Pattaya

When you are on a holiday, sometimes you want to experience a rush of adrenaline for once in a while. After all, a holiday with regular activities can be boring, right? One of the most popular attractions in Thailand (which is also popular for its adrenaline-rush of activity) is the bungee jumping. And if you want to try something different, you can always try the reverse bungee jumping – also offering the same thrill and excitement.

Bungee Jumping in Pattaya

Bungee Jumping - Bungee Jumping in Pattaya

You can find a lot of places in Thailand offering the bungee jumping experience, but only some of them offer both the regular bungee jumping and the reverse type. You can find one of them in Pattaya, and each of them has its own thrill and excitement.

Also known as the Human Slingshot, the reverse bungee jumping is definitely different from the regular bungee thrill. In the regular jump, you will be taken up the ground – reaching 60 meters in height with a cord being tied around your ankles. Then you need to jump and take a plunge. The cord will hold you as you face your biggest fear. In the reverse jump, on the other hand, your entire body will be secured with harnesses. Are you familiar with the Angry Birds game? If you are, then you can imagine being the bird. You will be pulled back before being launched to the sky in a super speed condition. It’s like the human catapult, really.

If you are only interested in the regular jump, then you will pay 2,500 baht. If you are interested in the human slingshot, it will cost you 1,400 baht per launch. If you want to enjoy both (as well as other perks), it costs you 4,200 baht for one person person. You can enjoy more benefits, such as a free T-shirt and also a direct recording from your helmet. To make it more exciting, they are also offering a night jump. If you are interested, contact them and ask them for the details.

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Managing the Plunge

Bungee Jumping - Managing the Plunge

It would be best if you can reserve your spot first before coming although the spontaneous act is also okay. There are 3 different sessions every day: 10 AM, 12 PM, and 2 PM. If you manage a tour, you can enjoy pick up and transportation back to your hotel will be guaranteed.

Both the regular and reverse bungee jumping isn’t for everyone. They aren’t for pregnant moms or people with a heart issue. If you have a certain medical condition, you should check with your doctor to make sure that the activity is okay for you. Basically, this activity isn’t for the weak heart

Everything in this place has been managed and prepared according to the international safety regulations and standard set up by BERSA (British Elastic Rope Sports Association) and SANZ (Standards Association of New Zealand). You can be sure that you are on the right hand.

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How to Reach the Place

Bungee Jumping - How to Reach the Place

The place is situated right in the heart of Pattaya (on the southern side) on Thep Prasit Road. You can use songthaew, a tuk-tuk, or a taxi to get there. If you use the songthaew, head to South Pattaya Road corner (close to Pattaya second road). Go to Jomtien. Get off at Thep Prasit Road intersection. And then get on to a songthaew going to Sukhumvit Road. You will be arriving right on Pattaya Bungy Jump.

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