Unique Items You Can Only Find in Shanghai

Every place has its own unique and signature characteristics. When you are going to Shanghai, expect to find items that are only available there.

Don’t forget to explore around the area so you can bring home some of the unique items from Shanghai – items that you won’t find elsewhere.

1. Silk

Unique Items You Can Only Find in Shanghai is silk

If you are into silk, this is your heaven. The name Shanghai alone means silk heaven so you can find tons of different styles and colours of silk. Want to find dresses? Want to find scarves? Want to find bed sheets? They are everywhere! You can buy the already manufactured items or you can make one yourself. You can buy the fabric by paying per meter and then change them into anything that you like.

Where to find such items? Literally everywhere! You can find them at street stores or markets. You can visit the high-end stores too although their prices are naturally higher than the street stores. Feel free to negotiate if you buy the items at the market, so the prices are varied between one place to another. If you buy the fabric, it generally costs you around $8 a meter. Go to Jiannan Silk centre, King-Tianping Silk Road, or the cloth market Shi Liu Pu.

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2. Porcelain and Ceramic


Just like the silk, ceramic and porcelain have existed in China for centuries. You can find different kinds of accessories or souvenirs made from these materials. You will find different kinds of designs, colours, and patterns. If you want a pair of ceramic chopsticks, spend Y10 for it. If you don’t mind spending extra for the handmade hanging butterfly outfit, spend around Y150,000. If you are looking for the high-quality products, go to The Pottery Workshops in Jingdezhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. In Shanghai alone, you can go to Taikang Road 220, Fumin Road 176, and South Shanxi Road. You can also find another store at Fumin Road 221 selling elegant separator and also the handmade magnet. The store is called Article Earth.

3. Traditional Clothes

If you think that cheongsam is the only traditional clothes from China, think again. The traditional Chinese clothes are quite many. In fact, they are ranging in styles and designs. There are 56 ethnic groups in China and every one of them is coming with its own style, colour, and cultural aspect. The common fabrics are linen, cotton, and silk. Sometimes, they are coming with a set of clothes and shoes.

The national clothes costs around Y100 to more than Y2000. The handmade silk shoes are between Y480 and Y1200. If you are looking for designer clothes, go to West 133 Fuxing Road to go to Urban Tribe store. You can also go to Fuzhou Road 17 to get access to Room 101, the store.

4. Jade

If green is your favourite colour, then you will love jade so much. Jade is known for its yin and yang balancing trait. It is believed that jade can bring luck as well as getting rid of danger and evil spirit. Jade is the symbol of purity, grace, and beauty. It is only logical if you find various jade items for souvenirs, from earring set and necklace to other items, such as paperweight or desk decor. The price starts at around $30 for the necklace and also earring. It can be quite expensive if the quality is better with more advanced craftsmanship. You should be able to find such souvenirs at Jade Sculpture Art Studio at Shanghai Xiuyutang and Hongqiao International Pearl City.

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If you are ready to spend some money on unique items, Shanghai is your place for your next shopping spree. There are also tons of interesting things to see there. Ready to book and manage your schedule? Go to Airpaz and consult them. They can help you with very minimal fuss and hassle.

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