Vacation Guide to Japan During Autumn

Autumn in Japan is about to come. It usually lasts from September to November. You can expect the colorful autumn leaves to spread around the whole country of Japan during autumn, from the north to the south.

And it is great when you can make up your time for this special season before the fall comes over. The vacation should be easy as well because you just need to enjoy a short walk in a garden or park. Do not forget to take photos as your private souvenirs.

Are you alone enjoying the beauty of autumn in Japan? No, you are not. Even the Japanese have listed the activity of viewing the colorful leaves during autumn for centuries. They even use this moment to hold various festivities.

Have you ever heard about Nagasaki Kunchi Festival? It is one of the most famous festivals, founded more than 350 years ago. People usually hold it at the beginning of October.

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Japan during autumn

You will be able to see the procession of mikoshi floats, Chinese-influenced dragon dances and Dutch-inspired rituals? Why is there Dutch matter here? It is because of the unique feature of this festival as it symbolized the arrival of traders at the coast of Nagasaki from Dutch in the 17th century.

Each region and city also have their own festivals. No wonder that autumn vacation can also be as crowded as the spring one. It gives more alternatives to the way how to enjoy the time besides just walking in the parks, visiting temples or exploring the mountainous regions.

Japan During Autumn 2018

Want to know more what to do when visiting Japan this autumn? Here some of the cool recommendations you should not miss:

See sports activities and have recreational time

The nice weather during this autumn is the best time for seeing sports competitions and enjoying the recreation outdoor. If you like cars, you should watch the Japanese Grand Prix, currently held at Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture.

This Formula 1 race has been held since 1963. If you prefer outdoor activity, you can save the date for the Saga International Baloon Fiesta on the southern island of Kyushu. There will be hobbyists gather to release more than 100 balloons into the sky and they come from all over the world.

Then, you can test your speed by joining with about 20,000 runners or being a part of over 600,000 supporters on the Kobe Marathon even. It may take time to reach the finish line as you can’t neglect the bay’s lovely views and city streets’ charm.

Spend the evening walk to view the stunning glitter illuminations

What makes the evening walk more pleasant rather than the falling foliage and glittering lights? You can choose to visit Rikugien gardens in Tokyo with kids or other family members. Or you go to the southern island of Kyushu to find the Kingdom of lights. It is an amazing display of 10 million lights that decorate the Dutch-themed Huis Ten Bosch Park.


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Need some tips for your first autumn trip in Japan? Take a look at these:

• You can enjoy the autumn leaves from the beginning of September through the end of December. The first spot to see this fall foliage is Hokkaido. If your main intention is to hunt the colourful leaves this autumn, be sure to check out the latest Japan forecast for the fall foliage.

• There are many places to watch the beautiful autumn leaves in Japan. If you want to take the chance, it is better to find the best viewing spots which include famous sites like old historic buildings, temples, traditional towns or villages and museums. This vacation idea will make the most of your visit to Japan this autumn,

• Always note to book accommodation in advance or you will have to spend more when booking the rooms on the spot.

• If you want to get close to nature, the best way to enjoy the fall foliage view is by exploring the mountains.

• Having a vacation in autumn is great because the weather is fine. You won’t feel the heat of summer or cold of winter. However, the rain may fall anytime. So, you have to first check out the forecast and prepare a light jacket, umbrella or raincoat as anticipation.

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