Islands in Vietnam – There are so many places in the world with their breathtaking beaches and coastal areas. But when you are travelling to Asia, there are only several places that are often associated with their beaches. Whenever people want to relax on a beautiful beach – whether in a busy and crowded beach or a secluded quiet beach – they may be thinking about Thailand. Yes, the country is known for its popular beaches and attractions. 


However, there are also other countries whose beaches aren’t only beautiful but also peaceful and quiet. One of them is Vietnam. Would you have known it that Vietnam has beautiful islands with its gorgeous beaches? There are some great islands in Vietnam that you must visit if you are travelling to the country. Do it or you will regret it.


Cu Lao Cham

cu lao cham island in vietnam

The island  is easy to reach from Hoi An. Simply go to Cua Dai Beach and take a short trip by a canoe to reach the island. If you are only travelling for a short time, this would be the perfect destination to visit. A day adventure should be enough for diving or snorkelling. The island has been appointed as one of the World’s Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO so the fact itself should speak volumes. 


Phu Quoc

phu quoc island in vietnam

This is an island that you can easily reach from Kuala Lumpur – it takes you only two hours by place. The combination of clear blue water and the pristine shores is one of the main reasons why this island is so popular. The southern areas are the most popular and busy so go to the northern sides to enjoy the beautiful and quiet beaches. You can even view the red starfish dotting the Starfish Beach (yes, that’s the name) shores. Don’t touch them, though. You can look but you can’t touch.


Bà Lụa Archipelago

ba lau island in vietnam

The beach is situated in Kien Giang Province and it is an archipelago. The combination of 40 big and small islands with sapphire crystal sea and gorgeous limestone isles will take your breath away. From those 40 islands, only some are inhabited. But it allows you free explorations of the islands. Go there when the tide is low, so you can move from one island to another through the sandbar. Littering is strictly prohibited so respect the rules and the people. 


Nam Du

nam du island in vietnam

If you want quiet, go to Nam Du island in Vietnam. It is on the southeast areas of Phu Quoc. Despite the beauty, it isn’t visited by many tourists as there isn’t much to find. But if you want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while looking at the blue water and gorgeous beach, this is your go-to place. 


Binh Ba

binh ba island in vietnam

If you are a hardcore foodie, then this is your next go-to spot is Binh Ba Island in Vietnam. Not only you can enjoy the beautiful beach, but you can also authentic delicacies at the market. Expect to find pho, flan, crab cakes, and others easily there. After the tasty and hearty meal, you can go snorkelling and swimming. Such an ideal holiday, right?


Côn Sơn 

con son island in vietnam

Not only you can enjoy the beach, but you can also explore the tropical forest. In the past, the island was used as a prison for political prisoners. So if you want to explore the forest, have fun at the beach, and learn the history, you shouldn’t miss this island.


Cat Ba

chat ba island in vietnam

If the southern side of Vietnam has the popular Phu Quoc insland, then the northern side has Cat Ba. The signature characteristic is the crescent-shaped beach with crystal emerald water and watercolour hue. This place is perfect for adventurous travellers because you can go hiking or spending time on beach bumming. 


Cô Tô

co to island in vietnam

The next island in Vietnam is Cô Tô. The island isn’t a popular spot but it shares the same natural beauty as other beaches. It isn’t too far away from Bai Tu Long Bay and yet not many tourists come here. It means you can have it to yourself when you travel there for your next trip.


Plan and plan carefully if you are going to islands in Vietnam. Don’t forget to manage your bookings, including your flights with Feel free to choose flights like Vietnam Airlines or Vietjet Air.